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Saturday 3rd April 2010 - The Six One Two Club, Aberdeen
A new venue for me, and after two weeks off sick I was pretty nervous I can tell you! This club has an older crowd, who eyed me up pretty thoroughly when I went in.
My first set in a new venue is always a testing ground for material for the rest of the night, so I went on to do a selection of songs and styles for the first half hour, and found out that they liked older material. When I switched to that type of music for the second half they fairly got into it, and I had great applause after every song. Despite my newly healed voice I decided to risk it and give 'em "Cabaret" at the end of the first half, which went down a storm. Ahh I was in!
For the second set I moved on to dancier material, but had to remember to keep it older - from the 20th century...
There were cries of "She'll be back", so I take that as a good sign. Must brush up on my oldies (the songs, that is...).
Oh and one last thing - I was billed as "Joanie Free" on the club's posters. I am called Joanie. Just Joanie. And I am very rarely free.....