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Friday 23rd December 2011 - G Casino, Aberdeen

Twas the night before Xmas eve, and I must admit to wondering how many people would be out the Friday before Xmas.  The nature of the casino, however, is that there are always plenty of people who are out for a wee gamble.  And there were at least a couple of Christmas nights out going on, which always helps.

I was on between 9.30 and 12, which is unfortunately well before the bulk of the casino's clientele arrive.  Shame really, as Dundee's G casino has me on from 11.30 til 1.30, which means I have much more of a crowd to play to.  but hey, if you book me I will always do my best to entertain, no matter what time..

Saturday 3rd September 2011 - G Casino, Aberdeen

Well I must admit I have avoided doing a review on this gig. Casinos are hard, as people are not there to see you in particular.  They are there to gamble.  And they are relatively quiet for the first few hours of the night.  And I was on during those first few hours.

Having said that, a wee smattering of applause usually follows each song, as the people taking time out to have a wee drinky sit in the chairs in front of me.  Well tonight they might as well have been wee cardboard cut outs.  I don't know if you've seen "The Commitments", but there's a scene where the band gives their best performance and finish playing, then there's complete silence as one man and a dog stare open mouthed. 

I shall say no more, but hope that next time someone listens......

Saturday 28th May 2011 - G Casino, Aberdeen

I had a bit of a late start here this time, due to some football game or other being on. Some sort of Champions league thingamybob.  I reckon if they want a baw, gie them a baw each...

Anyhoo, Setting up and starting later suits a casino crowd, as the casino is open all night, and many people don't venture out until late anyway.  The Dundee G casino has me on from 11pm to 1.30am, which is a great night. This was a good night, but once again I found myself having to tell someone that no, they can't sing a song.  I am not a karaoke - grrrrrrr!

Friday 8th April 2011- G Casino Aberdeen

I have probably said this before, but casinos are the main venues where you are just music in the background.  I can see their point - people are out to have a wee gamble, or to try to win big, so I can understand why there's little response from a casino crowd.  As long as you go into one of these venues knowing that, then you won't get yourself wound up.  Take it easy.  Try out a few new songs. 

I find it useful to imagine myself on a big, big stage, with a spotlight on me.  Maybe that's just my over active imagination, but we all have our ways of dealing with quiet gigs.  Some people, I hear, think about what they are having for tea, or about washing and ironing that needs doing (Really!).  For me, I become that wee girl singing into her hairbrush, dancing about.

The staff at Aberdeen's G Casino couldn't be more welcoming.  And at the end of the night they assured me that there were a great amount of compliments about my performance.  Braw.

Friday 4th February - G Casino, Aberdeen

Ooh a new venue for me!  I seem to be getting quite a lot of work up the east coast of Scotland, which suits me just fine.  They're within driving distance, and if I'm off up past Arbroath I get to stop off at my favourite truck stop for a roll and a powder-my-nose break.

Our new car is a treat!  I'd recommend a Multipla to anyone - it's a flippin ugly looking brute, but it does the job - a bit like me! (lol). We got there in plenty of time to set up before the casino got busy, and were lucky enough to be able to unload at the front door.  It was up a few steps and onto the performing area.  Braw. 

This is a beautiful venue, with the bar area directly in front of the stage.  The staff are lovely, and the whole atmosphere is very welcoming. I used my usual changing room (with a big F on the door - females) but I'm sure if I'd asked there would have been an area for me to get changed.  As you can imagine it can be a bit of a drive, and arriving looking all crushed and sweaty is not a good idea.

Many of the punters in the casino were blissfully unaware of my presence, as most of them were obviously out to win themselves some money on the roulette wheel, or at poker.  I don't mind these gigs, as the people who do come and speak to me are always complementary.  This is one of the occasions when I go into my own wee world and imagine a huge stage, with thousands of adoring fans in front of me.  This helps me to perform better, and I have a great time!  We all have our ways of getting through our job when the circumstances are not ideal, and that's mine.  SSH! Don't tell anyone!