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Saturday 11th December 2010 -Harbour Lights, Peterhead
Ooh it's a long way to Peterhead. But it's worth it. The people are lovely, and the bar staff are very welcoming. I think I may be getting used to the accent now - I found it really hard to follow at first - and now I find myself moving into their dialect now and then. If you were there and noticed it, I apologise. I'm not taking the mickey - I just can't help myself. When I lived in Nottingham for a couple of years I found when I came home that I had a bit of a Notts/Yorkshire accent, which I hadn't thought about or noticed myself.
Anyhoo..It was a funny night in the pub. The place was relatively busy, but everyone stayed through in the bar and main lounge, only coming through at midnight when they had had a few refreshments. They boogied on down (I'm so old..) to Bad Romance, Broken Heels, Journey and Kings of Leon, before disappearing again. I wondered if maybe they'd be cheaper putting £100 into the jukebox and letting the punters choose their favourite songs than paying me to sing to an empty room. But hey, I got paid, the pub was happy, etc etc...
That's just how it is sometimes, and we have to realise that people want to have a chat and catch up on a Saturday night. We ARE sometimes just incidental music..
Saturday 25th September 2010 - Harbour Lights, Peterhead
I seem to go down really well up the East Coast of Scotland - especially north of Dundee. So I was glad to be invited back to The Harbour Lights in Peterhead. After a looong drive, we arrived at the venue to find that there was a wedding on it the town (there's a lot of it about!), and only a handful of punters left to entertain. And they were Polish, and Russian!
The beginning of the night was really quiet, with only around a dozen people milling about in the main lounge area. The same as last time, I had quite a few smokers passing through on the way to the smoking area outside (which looks lovely, by the way).
I had a good night, but there was one Polish guy who had had quite a bit to drink, and spent the evening kneeling at my feet, kissing my hand. Now usually this kind of attention I could get used to, but after an hour and a half it gets a bit wearing to say the least. Still I cant fault him for enthusiasm....
It was a long drive home after the gig, and we arrived home around 3.30am, then stared open mouthed at the tv for a while. It's hard to wind down after a gig sometimes.
Saturday 18th October - Harbour Lights, Peterhead
Have a look at their site here
This was a loooooonnng day. We left our humble abode at around 2.45pm so we'd have plenty of time for travelling, toilet and food stops etc. After stopping off half way for a good trucker meal, we arrived in Peterhead at 6pm.
The pub itself is right next to the harbour (funny that!?) and bigger on the inside than you'd think. there are three areas to the inside - a wee bar, a bigger lounge bar and a games room/performance area.
I started at 9pm, thinking that my contract was til 12am, and did three 45-50 minute sets, leaving enough time in between for breaks. I had forgotten to take my contract along (ALWAYS take it!!!). I was reminded of this around 11.30 when I told the crowd I was finishing at 12, and the manager let Al know I was wrong. Not being sure, I had a word with him and agreed to carry on anyway, finishing at 12.30am.
The performance area of the pub was quiet most of the night, but a good few people drifted through for a cigarette, and stopped to listen or have a dance.
I must apologise to all at the pub. I was wrong about my times, but it turns out I did the right times anyway. A very tired Joanie and Al rolled in at 3.45am.
Note to self - always take your contract along!....