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Saturday 7th July 2012 - Kittybrewster & Woodside Bowling Club, Aberdeen
As you can see it's been a while since my last visit here. Last time was in December 2010, shortly after our car had been written off on the way home from a gig. We had borrowed a car and the weather was absolutely atrocious. The people of this beautiful wee club couldn't have been more welcoming, and we felt right at home straight away.
The weather this time was nice, and the car we were driving up in was ours, so we were glad to get back to K&W bowling club in better circumstances this time. The people were just as welcoming, and I had a good bit of banter from the get go.
This was the first time I had ever set up the PA equipment myself, so I was a bit nervous and we arrived early to give me plenty of time. I needn't have worried, however. Al's help and guidance got me through the set up and I thoroughly enjoyed the gig.
I hope it's not going to be so long til the next one...
Saturday 18th December 2010 - Kittybrewster & Woodside Bowling Club, Aberdeen
I must just briefly mention the weather. We managed up to this gig, but struggled to get home. It was down to very low visibility due to the snow and wind, and many of the roads were covered in snow. I must just thank Al for being there, and getting us home safely. Everyone should have an Al!
I like it when I am invited to come to a club by someone who has heard me elsewhere. No agents' fees, no hassle. Don't get me wrong, agents are handy - they find us regular work and work hard to replace us if we are ill, making them probably the wisest choice for any venue. However, sometimes it's good to deal direct with venues, making our own bookings, setting our own prices, times etc. I like to send a contract through with my poster, and I always find out what is expected.
This time I had been seen working at the 612 club in Aberdeen, and recommended to this beautiful bowling club. It's a lovely wee friendly venue, with possibly the friendliest crowd I've had in a while.
The first time in a new venue (as I have mentioned before) can be difficult. I don't know if it's the same for everyone doing this job, but I find people don't really know how to take me to start with. I don't see many acts myself, but I think I am a bit more down to earth than most, and I tend to just blether to the crowd rather than putting on a "show". I don't try to be posh (ever), and I do talk a lot of rubbish sometimes, but that's just me. By the end of the first set people usually have this 'sussed out' and they can relax and enjoy what I do.
Knowing what material to do can be tricky at a new place too - I usually try a few different genres to start off with, and try to figure out what they like.
This crowd like their slower dances, and a bit of line dancing. They also like their show tunes, and my version of "Cabaret" went down well, with many surprised faces looking at me open mouthed during the song.
I must have a look at adding more of the same to my set for next time. I think show tunes could be a good section for me....
See you next time, Kitty!