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Friday 12th August - Caledonian Golf Club, Aberdeen (with Hush and Bill Kelly)
Oh my goodness what a gig! I was appearing alongside Bill Kelly and Hush again. The audience were obviously out to have a good time, and danced from the start of Hush's first set right through to the end of my set, when they had a wee break for an "Open the Box" treasure chest.
This crowd were radically different from the crowd I had at a certain pub last week, and I felt everyone had a good night.
I managed to catch a bit of Bill Kelly's hilarious comedy routine - including his rendition of Elmer Fudd's "I've been workin` on the Wailwoad, all the Wive wong day". Excellent stuff.
Unfortunately we had to leave around 11pm to get home, arriving home at 1.15am.
We'd like to apologise for leaving early.