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Friday 28th October 2005 - Bowbridge Bar, Dundee

I had obviously made an impression last time, as there were twice as many people in the lounge when I arrived.  Many of them moved on during the evening (I am told there are a couple of clubs nearby) but the quality of audience far outweighed the quantity once again.  The people who stayed (and cam in later on) were very appreciative, and I enjoyed the night. 

It was the first proper test of my new foldback system (a dB 1100 iem system) and there were a few teething troubles.  These will be ironed out in time, and I can only apologise to the audience for the relative silence at the beginning of the night.  I am using two earpieces now, and can't hear a thing from the room!  Or Alan, for that matter. lol

Saturday 1st October 2005 - Bowbridge Bar, Dundee

This wee pub was an interesting venue from a performer's point of view.  I was warned that it would be a quiet night, and for the first 45 minutes that was the case.  Come the second section of my act, the people who were in were really having a good time, and my jokes went down particularly well with a couple of guys sitting right in front of me, as they noticed all of my wee jokes.

During the third set, a group of women came in, all out for a good night.  they danced and sang their way through the rest of the night, and were an absolute joy to perform for.