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Sunday 12th January 2013 - G Casino, Dundee

I was so glad to be back after being ill over Christmas and New Year. It can be hard for entertainers when they are ill...we find it impossible to perform, yet feel so guilty for not being able to do a gig that some of us are tempted to go and do it anyway.  I definitely come under the banner of feeling guilty, but I've learned from past experience not to sing through a cold or infection.  It always does more harm than good in the long run for me, so it's a no-no for me. So whilst I apologise to anyone who was disappointed at my not being able to perform, I would not have risked my voice  I hope you understand.

Anyway, I was happy for G casino to be my first gig back, as it's a good one.  I don't start there until 11pm,and sing two 45 minute sets through to 1am.  This means that the place is getting busy by the end of my first set, and the people of Dundee are up for a good time  at that time of the night.

Two 45s was a good ease back into singing, and I had the opportunity to practise a few of my new 1980's songs too, which went down well.  It's always good to hear new tracks at performance level.

 Saturday 12th November 2011 - G Casino, Dundee

G Casino was a pleasure to play in tonight, mainly because the staff were amazing.  Kev and another guy (sorry, my memory isn't what it was) helped us up with our equipment, loading and unloading the lift with all our heavy equipment, and then they made sure we were okay before going back to their jobs.  It's not that the staff haven't been helpful before, but these guys were extra good tonight.

The Dundee gig is a late one - 11pm til 1.30, but it IS a casino, and the place really starts to come to life after the local pubs shut and everyone finds the casino open.

I had a ball tonight, and look forward to coming back again.  The audience were great, and lots of people took the time to come and listen. 

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Saturday 16th July 2011 - G Casino, Dundee

Dundee G Casino is a great venue.  Once you get parked, sign in, get the keycard, humph everything into the lift, humph it all out and along to the stage area and set it all up.  All of which Al does for me (bless him), apart from the signing in.  I can manage that...It's a long way from the car to the stage, so I'd recommend investing in a wee trolley, the kind you can get at a DIY store.  DO NOT use the Casino's roll cage.  Yes, it gets everything up and onto the stage area in no time, but hundreds of punters who are trying to win themselves a bit of cash on the roulette or poker tables might not like you going RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE right through the venue.

I always have to go and find someone to deal with the lights and music at Dundee, as unfortunately no one from management comes to see you after the initial signing in. They are obviously busy, which I understand.  but then it never does to be too shy in this business, eh?  We've all got a good Scots tongue in our heads...

The hours for this gig suit the venue down to the ground - it's 11pm til 1.30am.  I know it's later than we normally work, but a casino crowd are just starting to get lively around 11pm, so they are easy to entertain.

I was having a few brain farts during the first half, for which I must apologise.  I don't know if anyone really noticed though, as the crowd are changing all night.  I pulled myself together for the second half, however, and thoroughly enjoyed the night overall. 

The weather was a bit dodgy that night, and it took us longer than usual to get home, due to a LOT of surface water on the A92 between Dundee and Glenrothes.  Get some drains in, Mr Cooncil Man! Or make us a dual carriageway.  It's no' much tae ask, is it noo?

If you're asked to do this venue, I'd say go for it.  It's a good night.  And McDonald's are open 24 hours at the weekend if you need a bit of sustenance to get you home.  Nom nom.

Saturday 26th March 2011 - G Casino, Dundee

After a week off for good behaviour, I find myself the victim of my hayfever, so a Benadryl and some nasal spray was the order of the day before the gig.

My times for this gig were different this time - 11pm til 1.30am.  That may seem like a late one to most, but in the casino that's when people start to come to life.  The last few times I was there it seemed like me finishing at 12 was far too early, and people were complaining about me stopping!  So the new times are ideal. 

My first half was a little croaky at times, and I was a wee bit worried about my voice.  After the suggestion from Al that I give the Jack Daniels a miss and have a pineapple juice instead, my vocal came back from nowhere!  It's worth having a pineapple juice if you have a cold or tickle, as it soothes the throat and gets rid of any phlegm (sorry). I also kept a Vocalzone in my mouth all the way through, which helped too.

I added in my new Adele song "Make you feel my love" that night, and looked up to find about a hundred pairs of eyes looking at me - I take it they liked it, given the huge applause they gave me...

I'm looking forward to coming back in full voice, performing at the same time.  I reckon it'll be a brilliant night! 

Saturday 24th July 2010 - G Casino. Dundee

Another excellent night at the G Casino.  There's always a friendly welcome and a smile from the team, and they are always eager to help us with carrying equipment etc. 

Same as last time, I did 2 x 1 hour sets, from 10pm-11pm, then 11.30pm-12.30am. I could hardly believe it when it was finishing time, as the night had gone so quickly - that's always a good sign.

I was a bit worried about not having an audience at the start, but I was soon `packing them in` at the stage area, and the crowd were more than happy to have a good time.  There was a major poker tournament going on, so we kept the sound down to start with.  After a wee request from the bar for more volume, I soon turned it up and got on with the job at hand.

Finishing in what seemed to be no time at all (with many cries of "More!"), we put on the old faithful "Love Shack" for the crowd to dance to, and quickly packed up so the punters could get on with their evening.  I think Al and I must have this down to a fine art by now, as we were soon on our way home.

Saturday 17th April 2010 - G Casino, Dundee

This is the second time I have performed in a casino, so I thought I knew what to expect.  The last time I did one, I was situated in the corner of a gallery upstairs from the main gaming area, and I was pretty much background music.  So I went along expecting the same.

This time there was a big, well positioned stage area, with its own lighting and around a dozen comfy sofas and chairs for passing punters who might need somewhere to sit and have a drink between games.  The lights were a little bright, but not so much that I couldn't see everyone.

During the beginning of my first set there were very few people stopping to sit down, but later on I had a good few people taking a seat with their drinks.  They were very appreciative, and I was a happy bunny. I even had a couple come to greet me who'd seen me a Pettycur Bay, and they were really happy it was me who was on.

During my second set of the night there were a lot of younger people coming in, and I changed my style of music to suit.  The general hum of the casino increased as the night went on, and I finished off with a good pop set.  There were cries of "more!", so I threw in a couple of extra songs at the end.

NOTE FOR ENTERTAINERS - If you've never been here before I'd suggest having a look at the map, and parking behind the casino, where there is a gate for loading/unloading your gear.  There's a lift and a few corridors to go through before you get to the main area, so be prepared. I'd also recommend talking to Laura at reception, as she was really friendly and helpful during our whole time at the casino.  Thanks Laura.  I must also say hi to Suzanne (one of the waitresses) and Graeme (on slots) who were also very welcoming and helped us a lot.