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Saturday September 7th 2013 - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

This was, sadly my last gig here at Seaton Estate.  I was in the Irish bar again, which suits me better than the big hall - sound set up can be difficult (not impossible) in the hall, due to the layout of the stage area and seating.

The night went so quickly, and the people were brilliant as always.  I'm not afraid to have a laugh at myself and a bit of banter with the crowd, which goes down well here.

I hope to see you all along the way!

Saturday 9th June 2012 - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

Well! An unexpected night from start to finish!

I have been known to have a bit of a moan about this venue, mainly about the layout of the room we have to set up in.  This time I was told that there were not enough residents to justify opening the hall, and I was to set up in the bar.  Originally I was not a happy camper, as the set up area is tiny, and the steps up to the door are unbelievably treacherous. 

The usual bingo ensued, and the wee Irish bar got busier.....and busier....and busier!  Even after the first round of bingo, there was still a pub chock full of people, all up for  good night.  What a friendly atmosphere! 

I was sure that the second round of bingo would be followed by a mass exodus, but no! So I carried on with my older material, which was going down a treat.  I honestly felt that I'd gone back a few years, as the place was jumping and the applause was deafening!

I had a few girls in for a hen night, an gave them a few Adele songs as well as a few dancy numbers before moving into Abba and back to older material when they left to go downtown.

I have no complaints about the night, other than the stairs.  After a few refreshments I had to leave Al to carry the heavy bits down to the car, as my heels kept sticking in the steps.

See you next time, Arbroath!

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Saturday 27th August 2011 - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

This venue is another challenge for Al, my excellent soundman/roadie/fetcher of drinks/driver.  There's a steep set of stairs to climb with heavy equipment, and a set up area in between two "rooms".  I'm sure I've had a good moan about it before, so I won't labour the point.

It's difficult when you can't see most of the audience, so I found it a bit difficult to connect with the crowd, but being the professional that I am I just "got on wi' it".

I'm told there was a big Blues Festival on in the town, same as last year when I was here.  There had also been a birthday party in the afternoon, complete with a band, balloons and a buffet.

I hope to be back at a busier time of year next time.

Saturday 28th August 2010 - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

I have to admit having a bit of trepidation about coming back to Seaton.  Last time I was here was a Christmas party full of sober people!  (Not that I would ever condone any sort of drunken behaviour or think that you have to drink to have a good time!)And we had had a few issues with the sound. 

This time we came well prepared with our two Mackie tops and two bass bins, ready to fill the room.  The sound was as good as we could get it, and I needed to use my in ear to full effect so I could hear what was going on. As I have said before, the performance area/dance floor is not ideally placed within the hall, and is a bit of a sound man's nightmare.  But hey, we were there to do a job, so on with it we got.

I had a big crowd in at the beginning of the night, and most of them stayed even after the bingo flyer at half time.  Many people, I was told, left to go to the small bar further along as soon as I played some modern dance music during the break.  I suppose people like what they like, so that's fair enough.  I did, however, go on to do a good  mixture of songs and styles for the second half of the night, so I can only hope that the rest of the crowd enjoyed the night. They certainly applauded! I had a lot of dancers on the floor at any one time, and many many compliments at the end of the night.  Lots of them were wondering when I would be back again!  So thanks Seaton - I had a ball!  Getting my big head in the car at the end of the night was hard though.....

Oh, and thanks to the young man who gave me a flower and a kiss.......

Saturday 19th December 2009 - Seaton Estate Caravan Park, Arbroath

This was the second night of a difficult weekend.

We arrived early as requested at the venue to get our equipment in before the Christmas dinner started, and were pleased to see that the venue had had a thorough makeover since our last visit.  Unfortunately the way the main hall is laid out is a soundman's nightmare.  Two rooms have been knocked into one, and the passageway between made into the main stage.  Facing a wall. The two ends of the room create a sort of "dumbell" shape, which we cound not fill with sound from our 2 Mackie srm450 tops and 2 Mackie bass bins.  No matter how hard we tried. 

As if this wasn't difficult enough, the crowd were less than expected, and so they all sat at one end of the room.  We weren't to know this, so we ended up turning both 450s round to face them.  This didn't work really, and we still had a muddy sound.  I have spoken to many acts since, and they all say the same.  I'd urge the venue to rethink the staging area, and allow us to set up at one end next time.  There is more than enough room.

Most of the people dining and taking part in the Christmas night celebrations were farmers and their families, some of whom were due to be up early to harvest sprouts.  As you can imagine, alcohol and harvesting do not go well together, and as a result many people left after the meal to go home.  The remainder didn't seem to be impressed with the sound quality (see above), and were complaining that they couldn't hear.  Whilst sitting twenty feet away.  With two huge beams in the ceiling between me and them.  I suggested (as you would) that they move closer, which they did.

I was finding the night very difficult altogether, and must admit to not being a happy camper.  The remaining crowd did not put their hands together, and I had a good few tumbleweed moments.  They did, however, like my dj-ing in between sets, and got up to dance at every opportunity.  They also made suggestions to me as to what they wanted to hear.

I'd suggest that the venue look into putting on a simple disco for this crowd next year, and allow the DJ to set up in the far corner, where the stage used to be.

Here's hoping my next gig here will be more enjoyable, for both me and the crowd.

Friday 31st August - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

My second visit to this holiday camp and again it was a bit quiet. There were a few in for the two sittings of bingo and a few stayed on afterwards for a while. It was a bit late in the season for a caravan park but as this place is being re-structured and apparently will be open all year I'll have to see what future bookings come my way.

I enjoy the chance to entertain families.  It's great to see the toddlers on the dance floor, and the staff are friendly and helpful, but the work needs done to tidy some areas of this venue.

The door between where I was working and the lounge was closed a few times during this gig and I just can't help wondering how good a night it could be if everyone tried to have a listen and hopefully enjoy the music. Big plans are afoot and I hope to be asked to return and see the results of the work....

Sunday 22nd July - Seaton Estate Holiday Village, Arbroath

At the moment this resort is undergoing changes, they have lots of big plans to update their club facilities and add kids entertainment areas. I look forward to seeing how it works out.

At the moment their club area is split into two rooms, a lounge area and a hall area with a stage. After the bingo I gave a small audience 45 minutes of mixed material. They were quiet, but appreciative. After the flyer I did my second set to a slightly larger group, a mixture of songs again but mainly dancy tunes. During the last 40 minutes of so I was entertained by some families who danced to my songs and who's kids kept me going with their antics. I was enjoying myself so much that I gave the audience an extra 15 minutes. I like an appreciative and energetic crowd.. it was fun to see the kids having a good time.

Thursday 6th July - Seaton Estate Holiday Park, Arbroath

I'm feeling a good bit better now, and managed to do this gig.  This is a beautiful wee caravan site (sorry - holiday Village!) and I thoroughly  enjoyed myself, despite the audience being `bijou`.  A very HUGE thanks to my dancers, the girls who danced for the whole evening and tired me out just watching them.  Louisey-anna was especially amazing, as were you all! 

I was given this carefully drawn picture by a beautiful girl called Ayeisha, and must admit it looks a lot like me!  Thanks!