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Saturday 29th October 2011 - Burns Bar, Arbroath

Well sometimes you find a pub where the punters don't clap.  It could be quite soul destroying if, as a singer, you don't remember some of the good pubs where you are appreciated.  I certainly had to dig deep to keeo going at the Burns Bar.  It was a halloween weekend, but apart from one zombie barmaid, a Geri Halliwell and a Batman who popped in a couple of times, it was a bit staid.

I must say a big thanks to the local football team, who were passing through on their way to a Club.  They fairly brightened up proceedings, and My "Celebration" and "Disco Inferno" went down a treat.

Unfortunately their exuberance was such that when they left, they left a great big empty, quiet, pub.  I struggled through for the last set, and tried not to take the total silence personally.

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Saturday 29th January 2011 - The Burns Bar, Arbroath

Once again, I was delighted to find myself working in January.  It's usually a lean month for us singers, so I was glad to be out earning some cash.

I'd never been to this pub before, and was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely wee bar, with very friendly staff and punters.  I had a good wee bit of banter fright from the start, and was amazed to see a HUGE group of youngsters (how old do I feel?) descend on the pub wearing golfing gear.  Apparently it's all the rage to get dressed up and take your "Score Card" round 18 holes (pubs), downing a drink in each.  This, I presume, ends at the 18th, when I would probably fall over, be sick or both. I've seen the day, guys, I've seen the day.....

They were only in for one, though (as the game suggests), but they had a good dance about to my more modern material - Paloma Faith, KT Tunstall, Biffy Clyro and the like.

After they were gone I got back to having what I'd like to call an "intimate gig" with the few remaining people.  I even took requests, and was delighted to wind up Cheryl, the Bar Manager, by singing "Mamma Mia" for one lady at the bar.

I enjoyed my gig at the Burns, despite the lack of people.  Sometimes it's about quality, not quantity.

Oh a word of warning to any acts going there to perform - it's a very small performance area, so I'd leave the bass bins at home....