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Saturday 2nd August 2014 - The Dolphin Bar, Dundee

It's hard to believe it's been so many years since my last visit to the Dolphin Bar.  It's had a bit of a makeover, but the layout is still the same.  The Bar staff are lovely and I even got a free drink!  That's something that used to be a matter of course in the past, but nowadays we singers have to buy our own.

The punters were down to earth once more, and that always suits me right down to the ground.  Although they did come up with a new catchphrase for me - "Joanie no dae that".  I don't mind, but after the fourteenth rendition it wore a bit thin.  Never mind though, at least they'll remember my name eh?

Sunday 13th March 2011 - The Dolphin Bar, Dundee

A new venue for me, and a Sunday too!  I've been a bit short of a second weekend gig this year so far, so it was good to get some extra cash in the coffers.

This is your typical town pub.  Friendly locals. good bar staff and a great vibe.  The L shaped bar/lounge is a bit of a challenge, but Al was happy to set the sound for the small seating area in front of me.  I suppose if punters can't hear it round the corner, they could always move!

For other acts - there is a fire exit round the side of the building, where you can bring your gear a relatively short distance.  It also has a ramp, just in case you have loads to lug.

The average age of the crowd was about the same as me - early 30s (ahem), so my kinda music was there kinda music.  And my rock went down well, as usual.

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