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Friday 29th February - Whitfield Labour Club, Dundee

I can't tell you how friendly this place is.  Despite my not being there for years, I was welcomed back with open arms at the beginning of the month, and then tonight I felt like part of the family!  It really feels like you're `at yer auntie's` when you gig here.  I think if they like you, you're in.  I was invited to play bingo, but didn't win (boo hoo).

Left with only a handful of people at the very end of the night, I took the opportunity to try out a few new songs - songs I am to perform with the band soon.  They went well, and I will definitely add them to my set for solo gigs from now on.

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Saturday 9th February - Whitfield Sports and Recreation Club, Dundee

It's nice to be back at the Whitfield Club. I must admit to wondering what happened to my gigs here, but I now know the Club was closed for over a year for refurbishment.  Unfortunately it looks like that year off has meant that a lot of the punters have found somewhere else to spend their hard earned cash. 

This was a quiet night to start off with, and when the first round of bingo was cancelled due to poor turnout, I must admit to feeling a little despondent.  I needn't have worried, though.  The wee lounge began to fill up from 10pm, and as bingo tickets went on sale I felt a little more at ease. A good few of the crowd remembered me from my early days at the Whitfield, and enquired after my wee one.  Some were shocked that she is now 4, as I was pregnant when I first appeared at the Club!

Please come back, everyone!  This club needs you and is keen to have a change of direction.

Friday 5th May - Whitfield Labour Club, Dundee

A good night at Whitfield Labour Club.  I'm getting quite a good rapport with the crowd now, and they are starting to heckle me!! A new thing for me to deal with, but there you go.  The price of fame (lol).

I took it fairly easy tonight, as it's quite a long gig.  I usually do two or three short sets in a night, but the bingo and 'open the box' makes for a lot of hanging about, then a big set at the end (an hour and a half).

Friday 14th April - Whitfield Labour Club, Dundee

Another strange night at Whitfield.  I arrived to find a poster up for another act, which started the night well....

It's a right old fiddle about appearing here, as you have to stop and start for the bingo/open the box/flyer/goodness knows what.

The people are really nice, though, and I think there might have been more people there if they'd known I was appearing (nothing against the other act though!).

Friday 9th December - Whitfield Labour Club, Dundee

As always, I was welcomed to the club with a smile and a cheery hello. 

I barely managed it through the night, however, as my tickly cough became a raging sore throat.  I drank a good few Glayvas and lots of water, but to no avail.  My last few songs were croaky to say the least.  Thank goodness I had a Rod Stewart song and a Macy Gray song to finish with!  My voice was just like theirs!

The throat turned into laryngitis, and I was off for three weeks! 

Saturday 19th February 2005 - Whitfield Labour Club, Dundee

I really enjoy playing here. The people are nice (despite me being a Fifer!) and I am always remembered and welcomed.

The atmosphere was a little different this time, as there were fewer people in the small lounge compared to previous nights. Having said that, I enjoyed having a laugh and a joke with the `crowd`, and I like when I know them well enough to be a bit cheeky. Just a bit, mind you.