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Saturday 21st June 2008 - Sandylands Holiday Park, Ayrshire

This was my second visit to Sandylands, but my first time was at the end of the season, so I wasn't sure what to expect this time.  I needn't have worried.  The very quiet main hall didn't take long to fill up once the bar opened, and we got on with the job in hand quite happily.

Last time I was on with a duo called "Foreign Affair", which consisted of Jackie Storrar and her husband, Steve Thiebault.  This time I was surprised to find I was on with another solo act, the very entertaining Brian Le Vell. I bow to Mr Le Vell and his well polished act.  He is so at ease in front of an audience, and is happy to chat away with the crowd.  At the same time he gives an amazing vocal performance, and delivers a class act.  His swing and jazz style versions of some of my favourites was particularly welcomed, including a "Fever" style rendition of the Beatles' classic "I saw her standing there".  Inspired.  He is also very approachable, and down to earth - something I reckon we all should be no matter who we are.

I did two 45 minute sets, giving the crowd a mixture of old and new for the first set, then following Brian's lead in my second set with a few jazzy numbers and a couple of Bond themes before dusting off the old ABBA songs to get the dancers up on the floor.  I finished off with the great "I am what I am", to great applause and cries for more.  But I had no more to give, as I had to finish at 12.  So apologies to those who wanted more.  Please feel free to download my mp3 samples though!

The audience seemed to be pleased with their evening's entertainment, and I must admit to enjoying myself.  Result!

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Saturday 6th October 2007 - Sandylands Holiday Park, Saltcoats, Ayrshire

This was a last minute booking to fill a gap that had appeared in my calendar. It was appreciated getting the job but I new that it was going to be a fine example of just how un glamorous my job can be. It sounds great to say that  I got paid a good amount for one hours singing but that doesn't tell the full story.

My contract specified that I was to arrive in Ayrshire by 6 pm which, because of the distance and the delays at the Forth Road Bridge, meant leaving at 3pm. As it was we arrived just after five. We had to then wait for the arrival of the entertainments manager, who got in at six, and because I was performing with another act who were headlining, we waited for them to arrive before setting our equipment around theirs. We had to make do with a chippy  (which was nice though) which doesn't shout stardom at you does it? The other act arrived at seven - they'd done this gig a few times so new what to expect and arrived at what would have been a reasonable time for me as well.... next time I'll know.

The room was very quiet for the bands first set, but got busier during the bingo and there was a good crowd for my one hours work at 10.30pm (that's 7 and a half hours so far before I even started singing!). My set went down well and I was informed by the girl who was introducing us (Kelly, I think) that my standing ovation and calls for an encore were nearly unheard of with that audience. I finished soon after 11.30pm and sat back to enjoy the last set from the other act. We packed up and were on the road by 1 and were home around three. That's 12 hours for two of us and a very long one hours work... Glamorous or what?

The other act could not have been nicer... Foreign Affair are Jackie Storrar on vocals & guitar and her husband Steve Thiebault with vocals & keyboards. I don't get to see or work with too many other acts so it is a pleasure so meet people like these. I enjoyed their work very much and was well impressed with their handling of the audience. Now I've had a chance to google them, I can see the influence on their act of Jackie's radio presenting.

I would happily recommend their act and suggest you look up Jackie's site for further information,

I'll be in touch with them to arrange a listing on as well.