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Saturday 2nd August - Eyemouth Holiday Park

It is always nerve wracking to go to a new venue, and this was no exception.  I have played a few holiday parks, but they are all different.  Eyemouth Holiday Park is a medium sized park, but with a great atmosphere.  The Entertainments team comprises Carlton (Ents manager), and Chia and Sammy, two very friendly, professional and hard working young ladies who work tirelessly to keep their customers happy. 

The lounge was packed out this Saturday, and it was, once again, a hot 'un!  I started at 9.15, and by 9.20 I could feel the sweat running down the back of my neck (yuk).  I took in a lot of water during the evening, and so kept myself well hydrated.  Very important as I was working last night too. 

My two sets went down well, and I was pleased to find that I could remember most of my lyrics without the aid of a safety net (my lyric book).  About time too!In hindsight I should have put more dancy songs into the first set, before most of the children were so tired they had to be taken back to their caravans.  It was their first night, after all.

I had a lot of positive feedback during and at the end of the night, so I take it I will be welcome there again. I look forward to returning to Eyemouth. 

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