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Saturday 24th November - Gartmorn Lounge, Posthill, Sauchie

Its been a few years since my last visit to this pub and again, like on my Friday night gig, most people were moving on. I started at nine thirty and my first set seemed to go well with the young crowd who were in, then they left. The pub had a dozen or so in at any one time, but was generally quiet, the applause having left with the group who moved on. The patrons who stayed seemed to enjoy my set, had a bit of banter with me, but didn't clap. Again its a shame that most of the crowd seemed to be off to other venues - this time to a pub with three bands on.


Saturday 17th July 2005- Gartmorn Lounge, Posthill

This pub was full of good, honest, down to earth people, and their humour suited me down to the ground. As you know, I'm never one to stand on ceremony, and being able to be myself (ie not posh!) was great. I really hope I get back here.

A BIG hello to my fan club, especially Irene. She made me very welcome from the word go, and even directed me to a bigger loo to get changed.

I must mention the amazing humour of Phil, who kept me entertained throughout the evening. I must remember to bring my fan club some badges next time.....