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Saturday 12th June - The Star Inn, Alloa

Alloa is a strange place to get into! One guy I talked to summed it up as "One road in, four roads out". We had to negotiate a very confusing one way system to get to this wee pub. (I'm glad I don't drive to gigs or we'd never get there!)

This was a wee, quiet place at the beginning of the night, but it filled, then emptied, then filled again. One birthday party and one hen night later, there were quite a few people left in there at

I did my usual set, which is 60s and easy listening at the beginning of the night, followed after the break by a few slow songs, then moving on to dance and a wee bit of rock.

What I tend to do is go with the style of the people who clap, which means that sometimes the music isn't to everyone's taste. Can I ask that if anyone has any ideas for songs I could do, or comments about my act, they should let me know of any requests.  I aim to please!