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Saturday 15th December 2012 - The Ochil View, Alloa

My first visit to the Ochil View was a good one - I had heard such good reviews from other singers and tribute acts that I was looking forward to this one.  Most reviews I had heard mentioned the DJ, Richard, who is such a character! 

When we arrived we found that the stage was taken up by tables, which we thought was a bit strange, as that was where we were to set up for the night. After talking to Anne-Marie, one of the bar staff, we were told that the gig was such a sell out that they would have to serve starters for the Xmas meal from the stage.  After persuading the manager that no, there would NOT be any room for this, we set about taking over the stage area, even blocking out the poor DJ's gear. 

For anyone who hasn't seen the Adele tribute, I'd like to tell you a bit about the stage set up.  We have a 3m backdrop, on a gantry, and twelve lamps suspended from it on our bespoke lighting array, created by Al. As well as this, we set up a large standard lamp on stage, and a small but high table to the other side of me, where I keep my mug.  As well as our regular lighting stand this is all essential gear, as I like to create a bit of theatre. It certainly worked at the Ochil View, as we heard cries of "wow!" as people began to filter into the hall for their meal. We are ultimately creating the Albert Hall (albeit a smaller version) in each venue.  We can also create a smaller stage, with the same effect, if need be.

You can view photos of the set up on my Facebook page at

along with keeping up to date with gigs and availability.

Anyway, back to the review...

The night went well, and I think I overran by around 10minutes, which is not bad for me - sometimes I can get a bit carried away and chat for too long between songs - just like the real Adele, I suppose.

We changed the set during the break so Richard's DJ booth was visible, and after his first spot I went on to do my second half. My mixed set went down well too, and I had a dance floor full of revellers for the whole hour, before handing over to the amazing "Darkness" himself - Richard!

I'd recommend this gig to other tribute acts, as I had a ball!