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Saturday 25th October 2008 - Seton Sands Caravan Park

Bit of a strange one this - I didn't know what to expect, as I had never appeared at Seton Sands before.  I had no idea whether I was to be on the big stage in the Showbar or in the smaller Terrace Bar.  I worry that I will soon need at least one bass bin so I can fill these huge showbar venues, and that my 2 Mackie SRM450s are not enough.  Having said that, I only have them turned up halfway, so I'm sure I could get more out of them if need be. 

Anyhoo, it turned out that I was in the Terrace Bar, and a Glam Rock group were playing in the Showbar.  I didn't get much of a chance to see them in action, but their set list (stuck onto their monitor speakers) looked impressive.  If it was your band, let me know your name and send me some info!  Maybe Al could put you on his site at!

I quite enjoyed myself in the Bar, but I must admit to being amazed at how quiet it was (apart from a few kids - and adults - running riot).  I can only take it that the band was good enough to keep them entertained.

One thing went wrong though - I forgot to bring my top to change into!  Luckily we realised early enough to brave the atrocious weather all the way to Fort Kinnaird ASDA, where I picked up another top no problem.  Hmm I wonder if I can scrounge anything for advertising them....? 

So, if you are travelling a long way to do a gig guys, remember to check EVERYTHING. Including your outfit.  I don't often have to change at a venue, but you can get so crumpled travelling long distances.

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