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Saturday 21st September 2013 - Agenda, Leven

A busy night in Agenda!  This wee pub/restaurant just gets busier every time we are in!  Nothing much different about this gig in comparison to others I've had there, with my wee mum leading the dancing as usual and a great crowd.

Saturday 27th April 2013 - Agenda, Leven

A change of decor and seating in this lovely wee restaurant bar means that there is not a lot of room for acts to set up.  I think the position of the "stage" area is being reviewed, but I'd recommend a line array if you're gigging here.  If I had still been using my Mackies on a regular basis I'm sure i would have been sandwiched between them...

There's no room for a lighting stand either (prompting Al to get his scrapheap challenge head on for a way to create something in the future), but the atmosphere and lighting in the bar is good enough to work by anyway, meaning a more intimate, laid back gig than usual.

I felt more connected with the crowd, and the place was pretty much jumping from the start.

I must admit to being a bit of a drama queen about the space available (not like me, eh?!) but I needn't have worried.  Just bring a small set up.

Friday 22nd February 2013 - Agenda, Leven

Well Agenda is just Agenda, so there's not much more for me to say.  A nice wee venue for a solo singer, with a good wee restaurant.  Food looks lovely, and I was invited along at the last minute to perform at one of their tapas nights, which they have once I month I believe. 

The first set was a bit quiet, and I suspect a lot of people were still through in the restaurant eating, so I took the time to practise a few new songs to the few people who were in the bar, and Al of course. I can see that it's a good idea to have something on as the people from the tapas night are finishing their meal though, as I suppose they might be persuaded to stick around for a few pints. 

The second and third "Halves" got busier, and the people got louder and started to dance around 11.45 - as is the way of folk - and I had lots of compliments from them at the end of the night. One group said they had only come out for one pint and stayed for five or six, so that has to be good!

Saturday 15th September 2012 - Agenda, Leven

It was good to get Dave into Agenda, as this is one of the venues we had had difficulties getting the sound right without deafening those people in front.  Dave did his job well, and I managed to fill the room with sound, although Al tells me sometimes I still have to speak up a bit to be heard when I'm talking.  TBH he's getting sick fed up telling me I need to speak up.  You'd think a big pair of lungs that belt out songs as clear as a bell would be able to speak to the back of a pub!  Not so.  It appears the operatic training my voice had in the past means that there is a marked difference in my singing and speaking volumes. 

i wonder if it's a confidence thing.  I'm always confident when singing, as I do it well (blows own trumpet), but not so confident that what I say will be entertaining or understood.  I sometimes suffer a slight stammer, and that affects my confidence a bit.

I do now solemnly promise to annunciate to the back row from now on. 

And if you can't hear me, let me know.

It was good to see my mate Gail out and about in Leven town.  She's come along to every Adele tribute I've done so far.  Maybe I should get her to deal with all my fan

Saturday 16th June 2012 - Agenda, Leven

Well what can I say about Agenda that I haven't said before? It's a busy pub and restaurant, and has a steady stream of people coming and going throughout the night. 

I met a lovely guy called Jim Walker, who is a singer and guitarist from down south.  Turns out he was born in Buckhaven, and was up on holiday and looking for live music to go and see.  A quick Google search later and he found me! In fact, you only have to put my first name into Google and you'll find me straight away.  Go on, try it!! lol

My mum wasn't down to see me on the night, as she has been unwell, so she was missed not least by me, as she always gets up for a dance and encourages others to do the same.  Next time, Maw.

Saturday 3rd March 2012 - Agenda, Leven

Another great night at Agenda, featuring my mum! It's nice that she comes down to support me.  she has her favourite songs, and I daren't forget to do "Rolling in the Deep" for her..

Agenda was a little quieter than usual, but nonetheless they seemed to enjoy themselves, and I had some excellent feedback from the crowd who were still there at the end of the night.

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Saturday 10th December 2011 - Agenda, Leven

Agenda is great.  The set up area is a bit boomy, and the beam above the set up area is a bit of a pain, but the crowd couldn't be better.  Once again my mum came to see me work, which is nice.  I must admit to using her as a sounding board and someone to bounce conversation off of (is that a phrase?  Looks weird - never mind..).

The wee group of people closest to me always get the best seats in the house to watch my performance, as I have a lot of wee bits of banter and silly facial expressions that I use during my act.  These are sometimes missed out by those a bit further away, although I'm sure they have a good time too.

My night went well, and really quickly.  I did spend the biggest part of the night fending off one lady and her various dance partners, which was a real pain.  I like to use my mic stand quite a lot, as I use a tambourine, claves and hand and arm actions while I sing.  As I had to use one hand to prevent collision, I was forced to hold my mic, meaning that I couldn't do all my usual bits and pieces.  I even joked at one point that one guy should be fitted with reversing lights. They backed into my lights, my music stand and me during the night, and I must admit to getting a bit peed off at it.  But hey, they were enjoying themselves, and I like that.  hopefully if they come back next time I'll handle it a bit better.

A big HIYA! to the people at the table nearest to me - you kept me entertained! And another big HELLO! to Sean, who was the manager last night at the Laurel Bank. This pub is run by the same people, and he called in for a wee drink on the way home.


Saturday 10th September 2011 - Agenda, Leven

Another helluva night at Agenda.  The place was full to brimming when I arrives, and the pub filled and emptied at various times throughout the night as people went for their meals/pub crawls etc. 

I absolutely love this place.  I don't know if it's cause my mum always comes along, or that my brother in law is a chef there, but there's a great family atmosphere.  I'd recommend a here to visit their site.

Saturday 18th June 2011 - Agenda, Leven

Yet another stormer of a night in Agenda.  It's close to home, and my family usually come along, so I'm always relaxed here.  Having said that, I was a bit unsettled for some reason (old age prevents me from remembering why), and it took me a few songs to get into the swing of things.

I am now working on an Adele tribute, and I'm starting to throw in the odd song or two to hear what they sound like/feel like live.  "Rolling in the Deep" went down really well, but as you can imagine some of the less well known songs got a few funny looks, but still a good bit of applause.  I'm sure that when the audience have come along to see an Adele tribute they'll know her material a bit better.  "Love song" is a personal favourite of mine - her take on a song by The Cure.  And "Make You Feel my Love" is a good song to sing.

The crowd changed in size throughout the evening, but they were all very appreciative.  Which makes Joanie a happy bunny.


Saturday 12th February - Agenda, Leven, Fife

My reviews for this lovely wee pub/restaurant seem to always start with the words "Another great night".  Indeed this was no exception.  I don't know if it's because it's a local gig where we don't have to go far, or because my family often come along, but this is always a good one. 

I feel I can be myself here (I am very rarely not myself, but you feel you can relax with some places), and have a bit of banter with the crowd.  I was quick to point out to the crowd that the beam above the performance area means that that part of the pub is very loud, and they might not be able to hear themselves.  I always say to any couples that they should sit there "Cos you have to talk to him/her aw day - you don't want to talk when you go out, do you?".  And I let those people sitting at the back of the pub know that if they can't hear they should come forward into the "body o the kirk".

My mum is not shy.  I'm sure she won't mind me telling you she is a bit mad, and likes a wee boogie - on her own if necessary. I tried to keep up with her, but singing and dancing at the same time is not easy when there's as much of you to shoogle about!  Thankfully the diet is going well, so I can do my Britney Spears jigging about soon enough.  Now there's a thought.....

I hope to get a lot of bookings here this year. 

Saturday 6th November 2010 - Agenda, Leven

Yet another good night at Agenda.  Maybe it's because my mum comes down to these gigs, as she always gets up and dances while I'm singing.  There were a good few ladies of the same age, so I just did everything I know my mum likes, pretty much back to back. I even joined in the dancing at one point, but dancing and singing at the same time can get a bit exhausting, unless you're Britney Spears...

I finished off the night in style, with a bit of Dirty Dancing (the songs, not actual dancing), and I had a few people asking for a card.  Result!

Saturday 11th September 2010 - Agenda, Leven

Another jumping night at Agenda!  The bar staff tell me this was the busiest Saturday night in a while.  Each of my three sets were enjoyed by the punters, with a good round of applause after every song.  Or was I dreaming? Nope.

There were three couples celebrating a wedding anniversary that evening, so I'd like to wish each of them many more happy years together.

I'm beginning to think my best sets are those where I please myself when it comes to my choice of material, rather than trying too hard to judge the crowd.  Maybe my enthusiasm comes through in the music?!

Thanks to the folk of Leven for making my night so enjoyable...

Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Agenda, Leven

I was glad to find myself fit and well for this gig, as I had been off sick with a hayfever related cough. A round of cough medicine and antihistamines or just plain time off seems to have helped, so to Leven I went.....

Agenda is always a good gig for me, and the crowd are happy to enjoy themselves.  This made it much easier for me to get back into the swing of things, and a happy audience makes for a happy Joanie! There was a good mixture of people there, so a broad variety of music was the order of the evening.

I must recommend Agenda as a great venue for a night out - the meals are top notch (I know the chef), and the bar staff are very friendly.  As an act, you couldn't ask for better. Oh and there's coffee available for your roadie/soundman/driver too! 

Saturday 6th March 2010 - Agenda, Leven, Fife

I said at one point during the evening that I wish I could bottle the audience and take them with me everywhere I go! What a welcome, and what applause between songs! Was this really Fife, or did I dream it?  Are the people of Fife proving me wrong?  Let's hope so.

Saturday 26th December 2009 - Agenda, Leven

This was my first gig at Agenda, but I had been in for a meal before, so there were no big surprises re the set up.  We took one of the bass bins with us to give a bit of oomph. 

Agenda is another venue with a beam in the ceiling, which reflected quite a bit of the sound back to me, which meant I had to crank it up a bit so the people at the other end of the bar could hear me clearly.  Unfortunately this meant a bit of a muddled sound for me, and I was thankful for my in ear monitors.

I must say Hi to Zombie, the excellent chef, and Colin, who paid me (always a good thing). I also had a good few members of my family there, which was nice.  It's good to have your own fan club..