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Saturday 5th August 2006 - Anstruther Holiday Park, Anstruther

Whilst travelling into Anstruther, we came upon what looked like a mass exodus!  There was an Arts Festival in Pittenweem, and what looked like hundreds of people were going!

It turned out that not a lot of the people from the caravan park were big art fans, so I was worrying for nothing. 

It was quite quiet, and I must admit to being a bit confused at the crowd's reactions.  They enjoyed what they were hearing, but when I stopped they applauded for a few seconds, then I was met with deathly silence while they awaited my next word.  A bit disconcerting.  I wasn't really my usual chirpy cheeky self because I was put a little `off balance`.

After a few Jack Daniels though, I was back to form.

I have a great quote from the end of the night - "We've had some sh*t here, but you were really good!"

Nuff said!

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Saturday 20th May 2006 - Anstruther Holiday Park, Anstruther

It's still a bit early in the season for larger crowds at holiday venues so I wasn't surprised by the small numbers. The audience that I had were out to enjoy themselves and appeared to enjoy the show. Another good venue, with nice people. I look forward to a visit in the summer, and hope to get as good an audience, and their pals.... lol

Saturday 8th April 2006 - Anstruther Holiday Village, Anstruther

This venue was one of the first I ever did.  It's only been a few years, but it seems like a lifetime ago. On the way (its only half an hour from my home), we were wondering if we would have problems with the Cellardyke bird flu that has been in the news over the last few days, but there was no sign of anything!  Al seemed hopeful that some of the newshounds would be staying at this caravan park and that I might get noticed (bless him).

It seems I'm the wrong type of bird to the ones they are getting over excited about (lol).

Back to my review.

 It's very early in the season for a holiday park, so it wasn't the largest of crowds, but at times they made up for this with their enthusiasm and applause.

This appears to be a very friendly place, I received a very warm welcome from both 'punters' and staff.

I look forward to returning in May.