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Saturday, January 4 2014 - Cabaret - Auld Hoose, Windygates

My goodness it’s been a while since I last appeared at the Auld Hoose!  The place hasn’t changed a bit, and I love a bit of banter (of which there was plenty...).

I sent them away with a wee earworm – The Fox...Oh I am evil....

Saturday 12th February - Auld Hoose, Windygates

This is always a good venue to play in. The crowd size varies, however, so anyone who has never played here might take it personally. I don't though, and was glad that the crowd were appreciative, if a little short on numbers.

I remember my first gig was here. I was so nervous, and terrified that people wouldn't like what I was doing. I used a karaoke player and a CD of backing tracks at that time (pre-laptop) and it was a nightmare if anyone jumped up and down while dancing. Not very professional when your CD jumps!! lol.

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