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Saturday 28th July 2012 - The Auld Classic Bar, Dunfermline - The first EVER "Joanie sings...Adele" tribute gig.

What can I say!  OMG this place is a wee joy in the heart of Dunfermline.  Friendly staff and punters, wonderful!

This was my first ever solo Adele tribute gig.  I had previously performed in three shows with a live Adele tribute band (which sadly is no more), but doing it all on your own is a different kettle of fish altogether.  There is nowhere to hide with backing tracks - musicians can read each other and change things around to suit, but with pre prepared tracks it must be 100%.

I was understandably nervous about this gig, and Al was anxious to see how the lighting rig and backdrop looked in a live situation.  Al was on the mixer and lighting, and I was able to give all of my attention to the act. 

I worked hard on the look, getting just the right dress (found it on ebay!).  I'm still growing my hair, but it's "there or thereaboots". I hope to have it the right length for the Beveridge Park Hotel gig on the 7th September (2012).  I did experiment with a few blonde wigs, none of which was any good.  I did have a long ginger one originally, but then Adele went blonde!  I decided to take the plunge and go blonde myself, which I am glad to say looks good.

I'm not saying I look exactly like Adele, being as I have about 20 years on her, but I'd like to think I bear more than a passing resemblance to her (maybe in her forties she'll look like me! lol). That's why I decided to call my act "Joanie sings...Adele" - it's still me, but you can get the look and feel of Adele's music.  If you want to some and see me as Adele, just check out my calendar page, where you can check out dates, or book me yourself...

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Sunday 8th April 2012 - The Auld Classic Bar, Dunfermline

OH. MY. GOD.  Hey singers, remember the times gone by when you went to a bar, were greeted warmly by the management and offered a drink?  Remember when the management used to come and ask you if you were enjoying yourself, and maybe apologise that the crowd is not as big as they would like for you?

Welcome to the Auld Classic Bar. Everything a singer/musician wants in a venue. 

I had an absolute ball from start to finish, and was so grateful for the opportunity to play there.  Catherine, the manager had come to see me work in Lochgelly, and booked me there and then for this night.  She usually only puts acts on in the pub on a Saturday, but was so keen to get me in there that she made it a Sunday (I'm booked up pretty far in advance for Saturdays, but Fridays and Sundays are available too).

The crowd were well up for a good night, and were the best behaved, most appreciative crowd I have had for a long time.  They applauded every song, especially after my Adele numbers!

I think it's fair to say I'll be back here, and that they'll be looking through my calendar for an available date!

Brilliant.  Just brilliant. Oh and if you were there you'll know all about those TIGER FEET!