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Saturday 17th November 2012 - Balbirnie Park Golf Club, Glenrothes

Joanie sings...Adele

This was my first time in this beautiful golf clubhouse, found just beyond Balbirnie Hotel.  The venue had organised a carvery to go along with my Adele Tribute "Joanie sings...Adele", and incorporated the two into one ticket.  I must say the food looked great.  We didn't have time to sample any of it, but my mouth was watering at the beautifully prepared ham and veg.

The function room is upstairs, which meant we had to get all of the equipment up a wee set of stairs to the side of the main entrance. For any other acts, I'd recommend allowing yourself more time to do this, and perhaps taking a trolley, although the ramp was a little slippy in the rain. 

The Adele set up is more complex than my general cabaret set up, with backdrop, lighting and props - I even take my own standard lamp!  So Al is invaluable for these gigs. Being my sound man as well, he cues up my tracks and sets levels to suit the room and the crowd.

I think the Adele tribute is most suited to these kinds of nights - it's not what you call "Dance about" music as such for the most part, although "Rolling in the Deep" and "Set Fire to the Rain" are good lively tracks.

The crowd was very attentive, and I could tell that there were some genuine Adele fans who had heard every song before.  They were the people who, at the end of the night, were the most complimentary.  I like to think that my hard work and research pays off, and it's times like that you feel good about how hard you have worked to create the show.