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Saturday 21st March - Bowhill Club, Bowhill, Cardenden

This was my first time ever at Bowhill Club, and I was amazed at the size of the place! I was in the lounge to the right on entering the club, and was glad to see there were a good few people in.  Then I realised it was the bingo! 

After the bingo was finished, most of the people there got up and left, leaving only a couple of ladies in.  "Ah well" I thought to myself, thinking it would be a quiet evening (I had a bad head cold so it would have been ideal).  I was a bit "previous" in my assumptions though, as more and more people came in in time for my start. 

Now I must admit that my usual crowd are in their late 30s/early 40s, and a lot of my music reflects that.  Well not tonight.  The crowd were all older people, and I had to dust off a good few of my old set.  I didn't know quite what was expected of me, having never been there before, so I just asked.  The order of play is " 2 fast, 2 slow".  Two fast songs followed by two slow and so on through the whole night. It made a refreshing change for me to do things differently, and I enjoyed thinking ahead to what I should do next.  It's all too easy to get stuck singing the same old same old. 

I had a good bit of banter with the crowd throughout the night, and felt like I knew them all well by the end. 

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