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Friday 6th November 2009  - Braefoot Tavern, Kinglassie

Well another night for me in the Braefoot, but I must admit to being a little despondent at the turn out once more.  Tom assures me that it gets busy on a Friday, so I can only assume one of two things -

1 - Christmas Credit Crunch

2 - They don't like me here at Kinglassie

I'd like to think it's the first one (obviously), as the few punters who come to hear me are most complimentary. I hope to be rebooked in the new year, but who knows? 

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Friday 25th September 2009 - The Braefoot Tavern, Kinglassie

My second gig at the Braefoot was just as good as the first, but with a bigger audience this time! Thanks to Tom for inviting me back. 

Speaking of back, I had hurt my back during the day, and was relying on Ibuprofen and Jack Daniels to keep me going.  I managed with no problems, but I can't say the same for the next morning!

Friday 4th September 2009 - The Braefoot Tavern, Kinglassie

I had passed this pub a few times but never been inside, so I was curious about what to expect.  What greeted me was a lovely wee local pub, well decorated and very cosy.  The Owner, Tom, was very welcoming and even allowed us to plug into his existing Mackie speakers, so that made things a bit easier all round.  They are set a bit high, so the sound was difficult to gauge to start with, so I was happy to have my trusty in-ear monitor with me.  (I'd recommend to other acts that they take a good monitor with them as two of the speakers are round the corner from the stage, and one Mackie points directly at you. This can make the sound a little muddled onstage.  The sound is good from the audience point of view, but we need to hear the music clearly too).

The crowd was bijou to say the least, but Tom was quick to let me know that this is a rare occurrence - usually the pub is bustling with people.  Not that I was all that worried - we all do the same job whether there are two or two hundred people in - it just makes it easier if we have more people in.  It seems to make the night go faster.  It's hard to explain really.

After I'd finished, I was pleased to hear from everyone who had been in the room that they were very impressed with what they had heard.  I secured another two bookings on the night so - result!