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Saturday 26th August 2006 - Burnside Hotel, Cupar

Another new venue for me and this time for the customers as well, as this small pub has just re-opened and they haven't yet completed the function room and the other bar. I don't know if they intend to use one of those rooms for the weekend entertainment but I can only describe the set up area in the bar as a postage stamp. I felt I knew everyone before I started, as I has to say "excuse me!" to get anywhere inside.  I was joking to them that while I was singing they were so close, I could tell who had had garlic for tea. 

Apart from the difficulty of fitting the equipment in, Alan had an argument with one of the new power sockets (which was dangerously faulty, and has been reported to the owners, so don't worry). His hair is much spikier now! For anyone who noticed him boogying along all night, that was actually the shakes.

Teething problems aside, what a night!  The customers were a bit cold at first, and shouted at me to start singing (then talked over the top of me), but they warmed up well and by the end of the night seemed to have enjoyed what I gave them.  I mostly went for pop and rock, with a little rock 'n roll for good measure.

Hi to Dave.

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