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Saturday 11th August 2012 - Cairnsmill Caravan Park, St Andrews

It's hard to believe that there are any venues left in Fife that I haven't been to!  But this is one of them. A beautiful wee caravan park, well kept and with lovely staff.

The bar staff were really helpful, and Neil and John gave me all of the information I could have hoped for.  Sometimes it's kinda guess work where you set up,  what is expected etc, but not in this case.

Another wee test for my new LD Maui, and a successful one.  The stage is quite small (although not the smallest I've ever squeezed my kit onto), so the Line array was perfect, and I even had room to dance about a bit.

The punters were lovely, and I had to ask them at one point to shuffle up and make room, suggesting that if there was a table with two people at it next to another one, they join up and have a chat.  And they did!  The atmosphere was great, and the people so friendly and appreciative.  I hope I'm asked back soon.

Oh and a big hello to my two wee dancers.  I didn't catch their names, but they were brilliant!

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