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Sunday 9th May 2010 - Chapel Tavern, Kirkcaldy

This venue is a bit of a strange shape - that is to say the set up is on a wee stage in the corner, while the crowd are spread out along the length of the bar, mainly seated at the far end.  We decided not to take our bass bins due to the size of the place, and I must admit to missing the reassuring "thump" of the bass. However, our two Mackie SRM450s are perfectly adequate for the job. 

Because of the set up, you can sometimes feel a bit isolated in this pub, but I could see everyone was having a good time, so I soon relaxed and got on with the job at hand.  I was on from 6 til 9pm, and missed Joe, the owner/manager, who was away in Las Vegas!  Lucky guy.....

Everyone was happy, I was happy and it was just around the corner from home - as they say - "Job's a good 'un"

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Sunday 27th December 2009 - Chapel Tavern, Kirkcaldy

I was a bit worried when I arrived at this venue to hear the sound of singing from the bar.  I haven't had a double booking for a looong time, but I must admit to considering the possibility. 

The voice I heard was the owner, Joe, who has a good strong voice, and a great personality.  Apparently he likes to do a bit of singing before the act comes on on a Sunday evening.  I reckon he does well enough himself, but hey - I'm happy to take the work..

The crowd were happy to sing along with Joe, and I must admit to wondering if they'd prefer him to my act. I needn't have got myself in a stooshie though, as I seemed to go down well enough.  They were a bit unsure at first, but soon started singing along and clapping.  Braw.