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Saturday 22nd September 2012 - Clayton Caravan, St Andrews

Joanie sings Adele

This was a great opportunity for me to showcase my Adele tribute to a Fife crowd, and boy did they enjoy the show!

Clayton Caravan Park has changed quite a bit since my last visit, and Al and I found ourselves looking around and saying "This used to be there, and "there used to be a wall here" etc. It really is remarkable what has been done to the place!  It looks lovely - the ideal place to come for a restaurant meal.

I wasn't aware that this was a ticket do, as it was an agency gig, so I was pleased to perform to a crowd who had come along specifically to see an Adele Tribute.  It makes all the difference to have a group of people watching who know the material.  Most people in general crowds know a few of the upbeat Adele numbers, and everyone knows "Someone like You", but some of the other material from 19 and 21 is new to them. 

The stage area here is quite small for a tribute set up, but Al was, as usual, a genius, and we managed to create an authentic feel to the stage using our bespoke lighting - which includes lamshades and standrd lamps.  I like the feel of the stage when it's set up, and it creates a very Adele-like atmosphere before I've even sung a note.

The Adele set went down a storm, and a few ardent fans commented on my performance, saying that it was quite close to the real thing!  I don't pretend to be exactly 100% like Adele (I have about 20 years on her for a start), but I try to bring a flavour of her music and performance to the gig.

Saturday 10th July 2010 - Clayton Caravan Park, St Andrews

It was my second time here, and I was looking forward to coming back to this lovely wee caravan park. The reception I had last time was tremendous, and this time was no different.  There's a great family atmosphere here, and everyone gets on well.  I was upstaged though!  A  beautiful wee baby girl of 11 months who had just started walking decided she'd like a share of the limelight!  She was an amazing wee thing, and she danced away like a pro before clapping at the end of every song.  So I didn't mind one bit!

I had a whale of a time, and the night went in really quickly. 

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Saturday 3rd October 2009 - Clayton Caravan Park, St Andrews

Another caravan park in St Andrews this weekend?  It's unusual for me to do two gigs in the same town at the weekend.  The two venues couldn't have been more different, though.  Kinkell Braes was very much your typical caravan site lounge, a large open plan hall with a wee stage near the entrance.  Clayton, however, looked and felt more like a pub, and I was set up in the `lounge`. All that was missing was the coal fire burning in the corner, it was so cosy.

I needn't have worried about performing in a new venue, as the people were very nice and I even had a bit of banter going - suits me fine, as you know.

One small thing went wrong at the end of my second set though - my flippin microphone batteries ran out!  They were showing 2 bars at the beginning of the set, but seemed to give up the ghost VERY quickly.  As a result there was a big noise going through the system, and I had to apologise and replace my batteries.  I've not had that happen in 6 years of gigging! Sorry guys!

After many comments about not using my batteries for `other` appliances, I took my break and gathered myself together ready for the last set.

The crowd stayed, and were more than happy with my performance, as was "Helium Carol", who was running the place.  if you were there you'll know what I'm talking about......