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Saturday 31st January 2009 - The Craigie Bar, Ballingry

The Craigie Bar was a new venue for me.  Whenever I get a new venue I am understandably nervous - the people don't know me, and I don't know what they like and dislike.  So the first of my three sets is always a "getting to know you" session. 

Well they certainly like their music in Ballingry!  Stuart (or Stewart), the pub's karaoke compere, was there to greet me, and let me know all about the regular punters and their tastes in music - in this case so wide ranging that anything goes.

I forgot to ask everyone's name, but there was no shortage of banter from start to finish - which I like. I hope I wasn't too cheeky!  Every song went down well, and the night was over before I realised!  I had a rotten cold this time, for which I must apologise.  Hopefully I will be in full voice next time.  I did a couple of extra songs to keep them happy, and was pleased I had done a good job.  I have to finish sometime guys!

I'm back in town in a couple of weeks, this time at the Auld Shank.  Hope to see you there....


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