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Sunday 20th July 2014 - Denbeath Club, Denbeath

Back again so soon?  Aye, as they said on Wayne's World 2 - if you book me, I will come (paraphrased of course). 
It's difficult to know what to sing with a sound limiter though, and I stuck to quiet oldies for the first set before having a few refreshments and thinking "what the heck". 

Sunday 29th June 2014 - Denbeath Club, Denbeath

What can I possibly say about Denbeath Club?  I've been there so many times I feel like part of the family.  The only downside is the sound limiter they have had to install due to one neighbour's complaints.  I'll say no more about that though, other than to let folk know it's hard to get a party atmosphere when you can't go above a whisper.

Saturday, March 29th 2014 - Cabaret - Denbeath Club

I love it here.  Janice is just brilliant, and the rest of the committee are great too, welcoming me with a bit of banter.  It’s a pity I have to work against a sound limiter there though – it can be distracting having to watch a set of lights and be constantly on the lookout in case everything gets switched off.  But I suppose it’s better to have one and keep the club open eh?