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Saturday 14th May 2005 - East Wemyss Bowling Club

The agent who booked me for this gig told me the clubhouse was small, but I have never seen anywhere so tiny!  The bar/lounge mustn't have held any more than 50 people (and that's maximum capacity!).

Having said that, this wee club fairly filled up as the night went on!  Even after the bingo was finished, people stayed!

Despite the fact I had a seriously sore throat, and sounded a bit rough, the people I talked to during the night seemed to be more than pleased with the entertainment they received.  I assured everyone at the end of the night that I would bring my voice next time!  I drank a whole flask full of hot honey and lemon drink, and loads of water.  This helped a little, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to last the night.

A big hello goes out to the two guys (I think one was called Bev) who disrupted the bingo several times.  They kept me amused.

I hope to be back here, as they were a friendly bunch.