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Saturday 7th May 2011 - Fair Isle Bowling Club, Kirkcaldy

Ooh there's nothing like a gig "doon the road". This venue is around 500 yards from my house, so no long journeys for us this weekend..

This gig is a 9.30-12.30 gig, which means 3 x 45mins with two breaks in between. That suited me fine, as I could split the evening into three distinct sets - one older set (a la Carpenters, Doris Day etc), one 60s and 70s, and one fairly modern set to finish.  As it turned out, the first two sets were relatively quiet, and everyone came to life at around 11.45.  And of course at 12.30 I had several requests for "Wan Mair".  I finished at 12.45, and had to explain politely that I was booked from 9.30-12.30, and if the club wanted otherwise they should have maybe let me know..? Even when Al was taking the speakers off the stand I was asked for one more song "even without the music".  Erm no.  When I'm finished, I'm finished.  Sorry.

Having said that, I did enjoy myself, and the people are always friendly and welcome me in. So I hope they invite me back!

At least we didn't have to be tempted by a visit to the drive thru, as we didn't have to go past it on the way home!


Saturday 7th November 2009 - Fair Isle Bowling Club Annual Presentation Dance

As this was a closed and private function for the Bowling Club, I'll not say too much about the night, other than I was very happy to do the night at St Pius Church Hall in Templehall.  The room was a bit on the `echoey` side to say the least, and setting up in the corner is never a good position.  However, using both my in ears I was able to ignore the slight doppler effect caused by the resonance of the room.  I was very excited to use one of my new bass bins (I bought these only last week), and wish I'd set up the other one too.  But hey, you can't have everything.

The night was very successful, and I had a ball doing a wide variety of tunes from jazz and ballads right through to modern pop and rock. I was given loads of compliments both during and at the end of the evening, and what's more, it was just down the road!  Result!

Saturday 6th June - Fair Isle Bowling Club, Kirkcaldy

It was a pleasant surprise when my agent told me I'd be needed here.  It's just down the road! I met more people from my street on the night than I have since moving in nearly a year and a half ago!

I was a last minute stand in for Bobby Dee, and I was initially a bit fearful that the people who had paid to come and see Bobby wouldn't be happy at some strange woman turning up.

I needn't have worried.  Apart from the lounge feeling like a sauna for most of the night it was a wonderful gig, with many compliments and "thank you"s both during and at the end of the night.