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Saturday 12th August 2006 - Forester Park Golf Club, Cairneyhill (with Big Night Out)

This venue is GORGEOUS!! it's very posh and exclusive looking, and the staff are very professional.

Anyway - I had a great time singing with (most of) Big Night Out.  The guitarist and singer were off for the weekend, so my services were required.  No stress though - NOT!  They are a very professional, well polished live band, whose reputation precedes them.  I felt very privileged to be asked. 

I knew quite a lot of their material, and had been told which songs I should be concentrating on a few weeks earlier.  Still, it was a bit scary to think I'd be performing with a live band - something I haven't done since school (a while ago).

I got such a buzz from performing live, and the wedding party (all 200 of them) seemed to enjoy themselves.

I hope they bear me in mind should they be short of a singer again.  AS SHOULD ANY BANDS IN THE AREA!!!!!! (hint hint)