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Saturday, March 1st 2014- Cabaret -Foxtons, Glenrothes

Well what can I say about this night?  I had half a dozen folk in at one point, and that was it busy...Apparently there had been issues with staff and the lease of the pub, so the public stayed away in droves.  It can be really difficult to perform under these circumstances, but we have to remember that we are there to do a job.  So I finished the night and got paid.  That’s about all I can say.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - Cabaret @ Hogmanay - Foxton's Bar & Grill, Glenrothes

This place was bouncing from start to finish!  I have no idea how I managed to keep up so much energy for a whole night - it must have been the atmosphere, and the crowd cheering and applauding that kept me going!  Wow! 

Saturday 23rd November 2013 - Foxton's Bar

I would have a gig on the night of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, eh?  It was really really quiet that night, and I was lucky if I had half a dozen folk in.  Undaunted, I soldiered on and got through the gig.  It's always a good opportunity to try out new material, so I added in a couple of new songs.

I'm back on Hogmanay, and I hear it's sold out!!

Friday 26th April 2013 - Foxtons Bar & Grill, Glenrothes

One of the rare occasions when I don't have my trusty sidekick, Al to help me out!  A good friend of mine came along to help, but I must admit to doing most of the work before she got there!  I'm am awfy one for needing to be early, particularly when I'm setting up myself.

She was invaluable, however, as I always like to have an ear in the audience to make sure the sound is right.  The acoustics of any room changes throughout the night as people come and go, and a wee tweak here and there makes all the difference.

Al came in to help me pack up at the end of the night, which made me realise how much work he actually does during a gig!  Don't tell him that though....

I also must mention that, whilst I am a big lassie, and quite capable of carrying my gear, a wee hand wouldn't have gone amiss.  Unfortunately the folk standing outside having a cigarette didn't even offer to hold the door open for me...hmmm...

People are maybe just used to seeing Al coming along with me. 

Friday 8th February 2013 - Foxton's Bar & Grill, Glenrothes

What can I say about Foxton's that I haven't said before?  A lovely venue, brilliant looking menu and great bar staff.  I'd love to come for  meal sometime. 

The crowd were not bad tonight, but I often find here that the ones who clap are visitors to the area - perhaps we Fifers are a bit reticent to show our appreciation?

My usual Rock-loving guy requested AC/DC again, and had a good wee headbang along with "Highway to Hell".

I must just take a moment to praise Tony's chippy in Thornton.  It's open really late and we usually stop in for a wee supper on the way home.

Saturday 1st December 2012 - Foxtons, Glenrothes

Another typical night at Foxtons.  Lovely crowd, little or no applause.  Lots of people telling me at the end that they'd enjoyed themselves.  Same old story!

Saturday 8th September 2012 - Foxtons, Glenrothes

I must admit to being a bit cream crackered after the previous night's Super Double Tribute Show, where I performed my Adele tribute show alongside Tom Scott as Neil Diamond.

So, after a few full sugar colas and a couple of Jack Daniels, I was ready to go again.  I know Foxtons quite well, as I've performed there quite a bit.  So I know not to expect a standing ovation.  But after last night's wild applause and much enthusiasm from the crowd, I found it a bit strange to get no response.  I suppose places like this remind me that sometimes you are only background music.  Having said that, a LOT of the punters came up to me during breaks and at the end to say they had had a great time and that I was the best act they'd heard in a long time! Excellent comments, and I was happy with that. It's very much a Fife thing.

Friday 20th July 2012 - Foxtons, Glenrothes

Another gig on my own (sigh), but this time I was helped out by my good friend Neil, who carried some of the gear in for me and helped me set up in exchange for a beer.  Who doesn't like to be paid in beer?..

For once, the stage area was all but empty for 8.30pm, and I was relieved to find I wouldn't be rushing at the last minute to get set up - it had been worrying me, as sometimes at these gigs the space isn't clear until starting time. So that, coupled with the help from my friend, meant I was set up in plenty of time.

I'm finding it quite different doing gigs without having a drink beforehand - not that I'm an alcoholic by any means - I just like a few Jack Daniels during a gig. So I've turned to regular Coca Cola to give me energy through the evening - but not too much - I'm not used to all the sugar!

Al came in on his way home from work and helped with taking the equipment down, which was nice, and we were home in plenty of time to enjoy our usual snackage before bed.

Saturday 12th May 2012 - Foxtons, Glenrothes

Another late start here at Foxtons, as there was a party of around 10 sitting down to their meal at 9.15pm up on the stage area of the restaurant.  It can be a little frustrating to see this, as I was meant to start at 9.30, but ended up squashing myself into a corner up there after 10pm, set up in a less than ideal area for sound/crowd view.

I do understand that these restaurant pubs make their money from food sales, and that punters who are spending money on food are keeping the business running, so I try not to get cheesed off about setting up a little later than usual.  I have to say, though, that it puts quite a bit of pressure on the act to get set up in record time.  We all have a wee routine for setting up, which takes time. 

The crowd that had set up on the stage area for their meal were in for a hen night, and were up for a good time. I'm not entirely sure I was their cup of tea, with me performing a mixture of styles and eras during the night.  I made sure to put a bit of chart dance music on in the break, however, and they seemed to be happy enough.

Saturday 7th January 2012 - Foxton's Bar, Glenrothes

A Saturday? The week after New Year?! I was amazed to be booked at all in January, what with the economic climate, but to have four bookings in the diary this month is amazing!

Foxtons is a relatively new venue, having been taken over recently.  It's lovely inside, as I'm sure I have mentioned, and the customer service is excellent.

The stage area is a bit of a pain though - it's a raised area to the back of the restaurant where it's really difficult to sort out sound. That and the fact that we had to set up across the far corner of the raised area made Al's job as my sound man a wee bit of a challenge.  but hey, he knows his stuff, and we managed to get everything as good as we could before I started.

I decided beforehand that this would be an upbeat, modern gig and that went down well on the night, with much dancing about and singing along.  The crowd started off being a bit reserved, but as the night wore on they became more laid back, and started to enjoy themselves a bit more.  I had a standing ovation for "Someone like you" by Adele, although I'm surprised they heard me over their singing!

The Adele tribute is coming along now, and it won't be long until I can start to take bookings.  Please keep an eye on my new website at, which should be filled with photos and song samples soon.


Friday 18th November 2011 - Foxton's, Glenrothes

This pub has just reopened under new management, and it is lovely. The stage area has moved from the Jahangir days, and is now in the far corner. As this is predominantly a bar and grill, we understood that we might have to wait a while for the area to be clear. One table of people were just receiving their main course at 8.45! Ach well, we do what we can, and we have to go with the flow.  Al always makes sure that we are set up as quickly as possible, so no harm done.

The times for this gig were 9.30-12.30, which suits me, but the crowd started to peter off around 11.30, leaving a wee group of punters for me to entertain. I had a lot of applause the whole night, and was told by one very nice young guy that he enjoyed my "style" .  Braw.

One wee niggle though - one that no doubt plagues singers all over the country - people who want to sing.  I will now make myself perfectly clear.


There you go.