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Saturday 24th October 2009 - Gilvanbank Hotel, Glenrothes

It took two drives up and down the street and a chat with a very nice pair of policemen in the local chippy to find out where this hotel was! After finding it, we marvelled at the sheer size of it, and wondered how the heck we didn't see it!

The venue itself was a shallow but very long room, which is the restaurant area of the hotel.  I must admit to wondering if we had wandered into someone's wedding reception or birthday party by mistake, as there were so many people in.  There were a few celebrations going on that night, including a 65th birthday part and a few guys out with their friend, Matt, who was getting married the next day.

The times for this gig are a bit unusual - just two 45 minute sets with a huge break in the middle, starting at 9.30 and finishing at 11.45.  As it was, I did a little bit more for them as they were a good crowd and were very appreciative. A fair few of the diners left after my first set, but many people stayed and waited patiently for me to go on after 11pm.

The staff couldn't have been more helpful, and that's always good on your first visit to a new venue.

Hi to Marilyn, who greeted me with a big smile and showed me where we were to set up.