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Saturday 4th February 2012 - Glenrothes British Legion

I'm struggling to say anything about this gig, as I didn't enjoy it one bit.  To be honest I've been putting off writing about it because I was trying to be positive.  But here goes. 

There was a birthday party in when I arrived, and they were in fancy dress.  I was met by Alice, The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter amongst others, and thought that would be a good sign that the night was going to be good.


One person clapped all night - Al. During one song (which I can't remember), one other person clapped.  These kind of gigs make you want to give em £20 for the jukebox and go home. They'd be better with a DJ on nights like that.  I saw em dancing about, I saw em singing along, but all that was missing was the tumbleweed.

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June 2006 - British Legion, Glenrothes

I am beginning to feel more comfortable working with a band, and I have started to enjoy the British Legion.  Friday nights are more my kind of night, as the place is chock full of young people out to have a good time.  I get a chance to do my rockier numbers, and enjoy backing Jed Hanley, the new guitarist, during his songs (and of course Alan, the keyboard player!).

Saturday night is a bit of a strange one.  The usual bingo crowd disappear with their winnings around 9pm, just as we are getting ready to start. Those who are left are a mixed bunch, who seem to enjoy a bit of everything.  It was quite quiet this Saturday, so we put it down to holidays and the like.  Let's see how next weekend goes.

Oh and I don't have any news on Heather (their regular singer) yet.  She should be due to have her baby around now, but you can never plan these things...  Poor Lassie!


Friday 2nd June - British Legion, Glenrothes

Because Heather Dickson is away, in the latter stages of pregnancy/birth/early stages of motherhood, I was working with the resident band again.

Alan, the keyboard/backing vocals, and I were joined by a guest guitarist, Chic, who previously performed with the band as guitarist.  We joked that the line up made us " The Heinz 57" band! 

Again I have to say that working on stage with musicians instead of just my backing tracks is much better. It was good to take a break and supply backing vocals (which I enjoy) when Chic took the lead.

I hope that the audience enjoyed themselves, and I feel a need to let the club know of what a good job Alan is doing keeping things going and sounding good while the rest of the band are away.

Saturday 18th February - Glenrothes British Legion

What a weekend!  I had the opportunity (and the privilege) to sing with a band on Saturday - they are called 3d, and are the resident band at this venue. I was understandably a little nervous (understatement), as I had never been on stage with a band before, and there had been very little preparation time for us.

I needn't have worried, though.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and so did the band, judging by their reactions.  It has made me think very seriously about getting a band together.