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Saturday 24th February 2007 - K.U.S.I Club, Kirkcaldy

My second visit to this club and I feel I should describe it as "beautiful" now. They have just spend a lot of cash on updating the main hall and kitchen and it is lovely. Unfortunately the acoustics have suffered and Alan says he had a nightmare making the sound right, but I think he's a bit too picky at times.

Last time I was at this venue, I and Alan, were badgered by lots of older gentlemen to do ballads all evening. I tried to do that and absolutely ruined my voice... It ended up costing me a lot of money in missed work. I don't understand why one or two people always think they can talk for the whole audience. On this visit I was only asked a couple of times for slow numbers and I firmly told them to wait around and I would do that style when I was ready. As I was working with a vocalzone (singers cough sweetie) firmly shoved into my cheek because of a tickly cough my daughter has shared with me, there was no way I could do more ballads than I did and I'm afraid "cabaret" and those other power songs were out of the question.

This club could be a joy.  They seem to be getting a crowd, the bingo sees to that. I do think though that the majority of the women that were there wanted more dance songs. Its not nice to see people scowling when you do more upbeat numbers. Those people should allow the entertainer to please the majority and try to enjoy themselves instead of thinking that their choice is more important than that of others.

I hope to be visiting this club in the future but have to say that I've watched lots of clubs dying a death because the older patrons don't want to move forward. Younger patrons are needed and they want more modern music  By the same token I've seen many a pink rinse enjoy "Summer of 69" and "Black Betty". I suppose its up to the patron to enjoy themselves... or not.

I'd like to thank the gentleman who was trying his best to get the crowd moving at this gig.  I enjoy a bit of banter and am more than capable of letting rowdy customers know when they've overstepped the mark. I believe he was told off by one of the club officials, who told him I had made a complaint?  They were mistaken - I was enjoying his company! If anyone from the club reads this please pass my thanks on to him...

Unfortunately I find myself unable to sing after appearing here (again!).  I don't suppose the radiator on full blast at the back of me helps..  If I am here again, I will be asking that they make changes to it so it can be switched off.

Hi to Barbara, who took a business card, and knows one of my other contacts too.


Saturday  23rd September 2006 - Kirkcaldy United Services Institute

When I first saw the notice outside the main hall in this club, I was a bit concerned.  It read "Cabaret and Dancing".  Oh Dear.  I'm not a foxtrot quickstep kind of singer.  As it turned out, all they wanted was ballads.  I didn't even get time to warm up before a good few people were complaining about me not doing slow songs.  That was pretty much all the wanted.  All night. 

I will know (IF I do this place again) to warm up thoroughly before starting.  usually my easy listening section goes down well first, and lets me warm up my voice. I didn't get a chance this time. Needless to say I feel like I have strained my voice, and I did not seem to get much from the crowd for most of the night. 

My second hour was a bit more promising, though.  I managed to get them up to dance to Shania Twain!  I thought my luck was in, and carried on with ABBA.  Not so.  It was almost as if they thought to themselves "Wait a minute, I'm having far too much fun" and then they asked for more slow songs.  i was thoroughly depressed by the end of the night.

Amazingly though, I had quite a number of people come up to me at the end and tell me I was excellent and they'd like me back! 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!  This frustrates me.  My old gripe about people sitting LOOKING miserable and refusing to look like they're having fun rears its ugly head.