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Saturday 6th July 2013 - Kelty Club

I can't really say anything new about Kelty Club..It's a lovely club, and gets really busy for the second half of the night. 

It's definitely a game of two halves, with older music and bingo for the first half, and lots of dancing, drinking and partying for the rest of the night.

Saturday 20th April 2013 - Kelty Club, Kelty

What can I possibly say about Kelty Club that I haven't said before?  Not much.  A good club that shows interest in its members, and has regular entertainment on.  And they have a huge main hall (I'm in the lounge) that they hire out for functions, so they're doing alright.

Nice folk, great night, much applause.

Saturday 17th March 2012 - Kelty Club, Kelty

Kelty Club is always a good gig.  The same formula works time and again here, with the two halves being totally different.  This time I went in with a brilliant attitude (sometimes I have been known to be a wee bit cranky you know), and this was reflected in the crowd reaction. 

I really enjoyed this gig - it was like old times!

Saturday 23rd July 2011 - Kelty Club, Kelty

I usually rave about the Club at Kelty, but this night was a strange one.  I don't know if the usual party people were on holiday, or the punters were unhappy (I heard the soda machine wasn't working), but the atmosphere was, shall we say, a bit lacking. I didn't do anything different - and I was in a happy chirpy mood when I arrived.  My first half older songs went down well enough, but I don't think a lot of the clientele were up for much of a dance. 

I must admit to being a bit cheeky at one point.  The back of the hall was a bit dark, and I remarked that the people at the back must be like budgies, who go to sleep if you put the lights out.  That may have been a bit cruel, but it tickled me all the way through my next song.

Al reckoned that most people enjoyed themselves, and certainly the front half of the hall seemed to have a good time.  They were up dancing to almost every upbeat song. 

Al and I talk to each other during the night, and he sometimes makes suggestions for material for me to do next.  He's quite good at reading the crowd, although I do remind him that I'm the boss and get the final say.  Well I felt a bit "in need of guidance", shall we say, and saw Al mouthing the word "dancing" at me towards the end of the first half.  I took it that he wanted me to do my three Dirty Dancing songs, and got on with the job at hand only for him to tell me that no, he'd meant line dancing.  Ah well. never mind. 

Well this was an unusually quiet night at Kelty, and I hope to find the party animals back out next time..

Saturday 21st May 2011 - Kelty Club, Kelty

I can't help but rave about Kelty Club.  What a change from my first ever gig there!  I remember having a good whinge about them not liking the music too loud, and my asking the agent not to send me back.  Well they certainly have changed their tune over the years, and now I look forward to coming back! I am remembered by everyone, and it's beginning to feel like a night out with friends rather than a job. That'll dae me!


Saturday 12th March 2011 - Kelty Club, Kelty

Well what can I say about the Club that hasn't been said?! Not much, so I will just say again that there are a lot of clubs out there who would do well to come along and see how they do it in Kelty! The club is always packed, and the dance floor is rarely empty. Brilliant!

Saturday 4th September 2010 - Kelty Club, Kelty

Oh what a night.....oot in Kelty on a Sa-tur-day.....

First half at Kelty is always the time to please the older crowd who come along for the bingo, so I got my new Karen Carpenter songs out for a wee go, knowing that this is a good crowd who are happy to listen.  I also did a mixture of old and not-so-old music to keep em ticking over.

The second half started after the raffle, and I was determined to move on to some more recent material and pretty much stay there.  So I did.  The set went down a treat, and I finished off with the much requested "Human", "Sex on Fire" and "Don't Stop Believing" . Braw.

I love Kelty Club, despite the longer set times - 2 x 1hr 15min. The night totally flies past.

Saturday 10th April 2010 - Kelty Club, Kelty, Fife

OMG!  What a night!  I was filling in for the very talented Alan Boyle, who was unable to perform, so I arrived to find loads of younger people waiting for him.  There were a few confused faces, but they decided to hang on and give me a chance, which was nice.

My usual first set in Kelty Club is older material, so I enjoyed doing something different this time - a bit of rock and pop.  And the second?  Rock and pop, with a bit of disco slotted in here and there for good measure.  This was my kind of night. Despite the slightly longer sets here, the time flew by.

The dance floor was seldom empty, and sometimes bulging at the seams!  I had to defend my wee bit of space, or I might have disappeared into the crowd altogether!

I hope Alan is feeling better soon, but I'd like to thank him for lending me his crowd.  They're brilliant!

Sunday 14th March 2010 - Kelty Club's charity gig in aid of "Help For Heroes"

There was quite a line up for today's gig.  They're listed in no particular order -

Kyle Ross - This young man is going places - with a relaxed but confident stage presence and a great voice. Keep an eye out for him....

Me! - well it's just me doing my thing, eh?

Alan Boyle - Alan has been on the pub and club scene for a good many years now, and his cheeky patter and flirty way with the ladies keeps em on the dance floor!

The Millenium Stars - a local group of singers who have raised over £183000 for charity over the last 10 years. Notable performances from "Elvis", "Frank Ifield" and more.  I also got the chance to bump into the very talented young Carly Schiavone, who you may remember sang at the Central Bar in Lumphinnans last year. I hope she looks after that voice, as she will go far....(Remember yer Auntie Joanie!).

JB Blues  - I didn't really get a chance to chat with JB as he arrived later in the day, but I could tell he had been in the business for a number of years, as his polished performance and popular song choices showed. I wish he had been able to stick around - I like to compare notes with other acts (and I'm a bit nosy)...

A big HI to the lovely Dawn, who organised the whole event. I'm not sure of the amount raised on the day, but as soon as I know i'll let you know....

As always, if I've missed your name out, please get in touch and I'll put it in my review. Things are always a bit hectic at these gigs, and I've not missed you out deliberately.

Saturday 23rd January 2010 - Kelty Club, Kelty, Fife

Yet again I found myself looking back at previous review to find that it's been nearly 5 years since I last visited Kelty Club.  I shouldn't have read my previous review, as I must admit to fully expecting the same this time - not much clapping and a looong night ahead.

The first half of my night was taken up with providing sound for the bingo, and I went on to do many of my older songs, including a bit of Carpenters, a bit of jazzy material and a wee bit of 1960s. I was amazed to see some dancing during this first half, as I have had many gigs in the past where I receive no attention for the first set.  Here at Kelty Club I found a polite, appreciative audience who were happy to give a wee bit of applause after each song. 

The sets here are a little longer than I am used to - 2 x 1hr 15m - but the time flew by, and soon it was time for the half time raffle and a well earned break for me.  During that time I had a bit of a change of audience, with a good few people leaving to go home, and a new influx of folk out to have a good time. 

I went on to do a more modern set for the second half, and had many requests for really up to date songs - which I am always happy to do.  My selection included songs from The Noisettes, Duffy, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol and more. I was tempted to keep going with my favourite rock tunes, but after a wee glance at the time on my laptop I settled for a bit of Dirty Dancing (THE FILM!) before doing a bit of Meatloaf for my encore.

I must apologise to Kelty Club for my expectations on hearing that I was going to play there, and urge all you singers out there to do a Saturday Night!  A brilliant night!

Saturday 9th April 2005 - Kelty Ex Servicemen's Club

The last time I played here I went down like a lead balloon. The people were just so unresponsive, and I felt like putting a cd on. They'd never have noticed!

This time was exactly the same. It feels so demoralising when you sing your heart out and get NO response.