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Hogmanay - Kinglassie Miners, Kinglassie - with "Just Grant"

When I asked Grant why he was "Just Grant", he told me that when the agent had asked him what he wanted to be called on his posters he said "Just Grant".  So there you go.  A name was born. A very experienced musician, Grant was actually part of Noel Edmonds' 'Crinkly Bottom' orchestra, worked on BBC's Pebble Mill and has worked in quite a number of projects with many many famous and equally talented musicians over the years. I was pleased to make a new friend on Hogmanay.  So Hi to you Grant, and remember me if you run into someone who needs a singer or backing vocalist!!!

I was delighted to return to the Kinglassie Miners' Club after so long.  One of the crowd told me I was pregnant the last time she saw me in there - that's over 5 years ago! Having said that, it felt like I was welcome from the start, and I was even offered a cup of tea - something that I am rarely offered in pubs these days.  So thanks to Willie, who deciphered my request for '2 and a coo' in my coffee.

Auld Year's Night can be a strange one.  The crowd are generally pacing themselves - unusual for a gig night.  And pacing themselves can sometimes mean not losing any inhibitions, and being a wee bit on the shy side.  Subsequently there's not much dancing or banter to be had. 

This was not the case though.  We started relatively late - 10pm, and the crowd were friendly and wanted to have a good time. Apart from one guy who gave a bit of lip to Grant (he left before he was "oxtered aff" the premises), the crowd were up for it.  They had all brought their own buffet too, so were obviously in it for the long haul.  All that energy paid off, and they were up dancing for most of the night.

Poor Grant was suffering from a bad cold on the night, and struggled a wee bit towards the end of the night.  I was right there willing to take over if he wanted to, but being the consummate pro, he carried on.  I'd like to compliment Grant on his commitment to the job, and especially on his guitar playing - excellent stuff!  I'd be delighted to appear with him again any time.