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Saturday 24th September 2011 - Leven Beach Caravan Park

Well after last week's energy free gigs I must admit I wasn't expecting much from the night.  Maybe I should take my mum along to all my gigs though, cos this one was a belter!  The place was full, and the people were jumpin! My many thanks again to Ann and the staff for a great night.  It's a small venue, but perfectly formed...

Saturday 8th May 2010 - Leven Beach Caravan Park, Leven

I had no idea what to expect from this venue, and must say a big thanks to Tia Morgan, another singer on the circuit, who answered my plea on Facebook for information.  Cheers!

To say this is a small venue is a bit of an understatement.  But I couldn't fault the people there for friendliness - Ann, the manager, was there to greet me and helped Al with setting up the PA in the best position.  Stevie, one of the residents, was on hand for a bit of good Fife banter straight away, and I relaxed and settled back for a good night.  And that's what I had. 

I did my usual 3 sets, and Stevie was on hand for a bit of bingo fun in between.  His is the strangest bingo calling I have heard in a long time "One fat lady and a duck - 82" and some very colourful descriptions of some numbers!! ahem! Most of the people there were owners, and had heard it all before, of course, but they got into the swing of things too.  Excellent.  There was one bit of silence during his bingo, upon which someone asked "Is it tomorrow yet?". 

Many people asked when I could come back, which I take as a massive compliment, and I hope to be back soon.