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Sunday 5th February 2012 - Methilhill Bowling Club, Methilhill

Thank goodness for Methilhill Bowling Club.  After last night's disappointing gig it was nice to be met with applause.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not some attention seeker.  It's just nice to know someone is listening, and maybe that they appreciate what I do.

Two 35 minute spots is great!  I had so much material to choose from, and went for relatively modern with a large slice of Adele. Cool...

It's nice to see other acts do their "thing", and I was happy to see Mixed Company, the resident band, again.  it's been a while.  Their regular singer, Tia Morgan, is unwell at the moment, so Heather Dickson (who I've stepped in for in the past) was singing.  It was like a big reunion, and we all had a great time catching up. 

Sunday 6th June 2010 - Methilhill Bowling Club, Methilhill, Fife

After a dodgy month or so (apart from a select few venues), I was beginning to think I needed to make radical changes to my act.  Tonight's gig at Methilhill Bowling Club restored my faith in myself and venues. 

This club is one of the few who are forward thinking - where the committee is obviously proactive in keeping the club alive and afloat.  The crowd tonight were of varying ages from 18 to 80, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves! No mumbles about it being too loud, no moaning about "new music" being rubbish, no requests for foxtrots and waltzes, just a GREAT NIGHT!!!!

The resident band, Mixed company, were the ultimate in professionalism, and have a relaxed easy way about them which makes all the difference.  Their material varied enormously throughout the night, but the dance floor was rarely empty. If you're available on a Sunday night, it's worth nipping along to see them.  My good friend Sharon Gould is the main singer with the band, and I must thank her for keeping in touch with me via Facebook, and answering my thousand questions about what to expect on the night.  I was a little worried about what I would be expected to do, and Sharon put me at my ease.

My two sets were short and sweet - 2 x 35 minute sets (ish).I did a good wee mixture of songs myself, and seemed to go down really well with the people of Methilhill.  Woo hoo!

This gig reminds me of what gigs used to be like - when you got applause, and a bit of respect from the audience.  It's been a while since I had a reception like that. So thank you Methilhill Bowling Club - you have restored my faith in myself, my own ability and most of all, people!