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Saturday 29th June 2013 - Milton House, Burntisland

There seem to be a lot of gigs I only do once a year.  This would seem to be one of them.  The place hasn't changed a bit since last time, and the people were happy to see me again, which is nice. 

Wendy and her other half were back from overseas, and boy do they know how to have a good night!  Some of the phrases being thrown about are far too rude to be mentioned here (Yes, even for me!), but I had a great time, and rarely stopped laughing. 

This has to be one of the few venues where I have to turn the music UP during the breaks!

Hope it's not too long til my next visit...

Saturday 30th June 2012 - Milton House, Burntisland

A new venue for me, and one I definitely want to visit again! Wendy was the perfect host, and greeted me warmly on my arrival.  The venue itself is a small one, but a friendlier one you could not find.  The people were very nice and we had a good bit of banter from the get-go. In fact one guy pointed to my poster and asked "So, who are you meant to be, Adele?" "Well aye, funnily enough", I replied.  Good to know my photo is that good!

A great night was had by all, and there were quite a few musos in the crowd.  They are usually tough to please, but i am pleased to tell you they were very complimentary.

If you are looking for a lovely wee friendly pub to visit, why not come along to the Milton.  Wendy makes a mean bar lunch, and she might even sing you a wee song while you eat!