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Friday 19th June - Minto Club Lochgelly

This was another last minute stand in gig for me, but a welcome one.  I was meant to be doing a party this Saturday, but it was cancelled, so I was happy to get some work!  Unfortunately Jay Silver, who was meant to be doing the gig, was taken ill, and I was free. 

The gig itself was relatively good, and reminded me why the Minto is the place to go on a Friday.  I had a large group of "More mature" folk in from start to finish, who were clearly out to have a good night.  Given that they had brought crisps, I reckoned they were going to be in a while.  So I dusted off a few old favourites (a bit of Carpenters) and kept the crowd happy for the night.  Happy days.


Saturday 7th February - The Minto Club, Lochgelly

Everyone in the club seemed to be having fun, but maybe I missed the point of the genius that is the silent heckle.  This one particular lady was a little the worse for wear, and spent most of the evening with her fingers in her ears making cut-throat signs at me.  That's ok, as I understand that each of us has a different taste in music, but surely we should vote with our feet?

Surely I'm not THAT bad? 

I don't want to moan and groan too much, so I'll leave it there. I may come back and edit this as I simmer down, but then again maybe not.....


Saturday 13th December - The Minto Club, Lochgelly

Christmas time can be a hit or miss affair, with pubs either being full of revellers on a night out after their Christmas meal, or empty because of lack of money after Christmas spending. This was the latter.  There must have been only around half a dozen people in the pub at any one time. But hey, that's how it goes in this business.

Saturday 11th October -  The Minto Club, Lochgelly

A good night in this newly refurbished venue.  The bar has been finished and is lovely - just the right kind of size and atmosphere for me.  They are currently renovating the bigger hall with a view to putting on bigger acts.  Watch this space....

I say a good night, but it was slightly marred by a guy who thought he would whistle loudly at any and every opportunity. I don't mind the odd whistle at the end of a song, but several loud ones at the beginning, end and middle were really starting to grate on my nerves.  I likened it to some sort of water torture, where the first few are not so bad, but then after a while you're ready to go nuts.  He ended up being "oxtered aff" the premises.  If you don't know what that means, ask a Fifer!

I am back soon at the Minto Club, so see you then! 

Sunday 1st April 2007 - Minto Social Club, Lochgelly

Well..  Need I say more than I have already said before.  This place reeeallly needs to get its act together.  The club is huge inside, and has massive potential.  It could become the big place to go if it catered to more people.  it was quiet again - I reckon mainly due to the fact my poster was not up.

It was quiet, then a bit less quiet, then not very busy at all.

Sunday 14th January 2007 - The Minto Club, Lochgelly

Another good night at the Minto.  Unfortunately the crowd were expecting Kenny Smith, who is somewhat of a local hero `round these parts`.  As a result, some small minded people didn't stop to give me a chance when they realised Kenny wasn't appearing.  They just left in disgust. 

I can understand their disappointment in a way, but I would have stuck around anyway to see what was on offer.  Maybe it's the old image thing again.  People tend to look at me and think I look like I'm going to be rubbish, then change their mind after half a song. 

Appearances can be deceptive, you know.  Next time at least give me a chance.....

Sunday 19th November 2006 - Minto Social Club, Lochgelly

This is one of the few gigs I do for the love of it - it's certainly not for the money (lol).  Not one of my more lucrative gigs, I play here quite regularly for my good friend June, who always appreciates my work.  I am an old egotist at heart, after all (aren't we all, singers??)

The set up was a bit different this time, as there was no bingo during my break.  I had a few complaints that my break of half an hour was "too long to wait" (not sure how to take that one).  Next time I may well do my old favourite gig of 3 x 40 minute sets.  This leaves less time between sets but takes up the same amount of time.  I also had a complaint that "the act usually finished at the `back o` 12.  Well I did, madam.  As a matter of fact I finished at five past.  For my fee, you got a bloody good deal.  Please check your watch next time. 

Having read back over this review, it sounds like the crowd here are prone to complaining.  Well that's only for the first half.  During the second half, a good few younger people came in, decked out in their finest tiny wee skirts.  I must admit to feeling a bit of an old fart having watched them boogying on down and jumping about.  I was still knackered from the night before!  bless em though, as they made my night.

I'm glad they came in, as I could do a couple of ABBA tunes and a bit of Blondie.  Suits me much better than Blanket on the Ground.

Sunday 24th September 2006 - Minto Social Club, Lochgelly

It turned out I was double booked that night.  I was a bit cheesed off, obviously, as it means I had a wasted journey, and got a babysitter for nothing.  Having said that, it hasn't happened before with the Minto, so I'll not make too much of it. 

I had the opportunity to meet Tia Morgan, the other singer who was booked that night.  She went on to do her act, and I must say I was impressed.  She reminds me of me, if you know what I mean.  Down to earth, and with a great voice, I'd recommend you go and see her next time you see her name on a poster.  That is, of course, unless I am on another one!!!!

Sunday 23rd April 2006 - Minto Club, Lochgelly

I like the Minto, at the beginning of the night its always very quiet.... I usually do my first set to less than a dozen people. On the contrary, at the end of the night I am always asked for more, more, more. Like all pubs and clubs, the customers lose their inhibitions during the last hour... I wish they would get in earlier and stay though.

Sunday 5th March 2006 - The Minto Club, Lochgelly

Another strange night at the Minto.  I always arrive just before the bingo ends, and Al and I set up as the majority of people leave!  Talk about taking it personally! Most people are, however, just away through to the bar, as the lounge is quite cold to start off with.

So - I started off singing to a crowd of about 9 people, but it got busier just before the half-time bingo.  Then the place just seemed to fill up, with a sizeable crowd staying for the second half.  As usual, what a difference this makes.  For the first half, I was lucky to get a couple of claps.  At the end of the second half, there were cries of "MORE!!"

Must be the

Sunday 29th January 2006 - The Minto Club, Lochgelly

I hadn't realised it had been so long since I was here last!  This wee club feels familiar, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.  The crowd seemed reserved at the beginning of the night, but sang along with me, so I knew they were enjoying themselves.

I have been asked t do a good few gigs here this year, so watch this space!

Sunday 6th February 2005 - Minto Club, Lochgelly

I was again looking forward to coming back here, as the last time I had shouts of "more, more!" at the end of the night. (One more "more" than the Plough!)

I played in the smaller lounge this time, but I must admit I enjoyed being up on a stage last time, rather than being squeezed in front of the bar, as was the case tonight. I am such a diva!

The people here are beginning to become familiar faces, and I can have a good chat with them during the night (but NEVER when the bingo is being called out!).