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Saturday 19th July - Minto Lounge, Lochgelly

Well it's about time I got back to work, don't you think?  Nerve wracking enough coming back after over a month off, but to come to a new venue?  Scary stuff! 

I (as I am forever saying) needn't have worried.  The Minto Lounge is a friendly wee pub, full of people like you and me - Jock Tamson's bairns - who are out for a good night, and a bit of banter.  Suits me fine, as you know.  It's always difficult going to a new venue, as I don't have the `measure` of the crowd until around the end of the first set.  Before that, I tend to stick to my usual mixture of songs and styles, and I pay attention to the reactions of the crowd.  Then I try and pick the next set to suit, and finish with a third set of mixed styles once more, changing the songs to suit the people still in the pub at that time. 

Now why has it been so long?  Well if you have visited my website over the last month you'll see that I haven't mentioned much.  This is because I was off at exactly the same time of year last year, and my website became a weekly moan.  Now we all have enough troubles without reading about someone else's illnesses, don't we?

Anyway - I had allergic rhinitis, causing a post nasal drip, causing a cough, causing laryngitis. With rest, (haha) antihistamines and the use of both a humidifier and an air purifier, I seem to be back on track.  If it happens this time next year, I am officially taking a month off to save myself the guilt of continually cancelling gigs.  To those of you I have let down by cancelling, I apologise.  But please know that I NEVER lie about being ill.