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Saturday September 14th 2013 - North Lodge Caravan Park, Kirkcaldy

Ooh I hadn't been here in ages, but walking through the door I saw that nothing has changed! The same faces and the same brilliant atmosphere greets you as soon as you go in, with the bingo banter on top form.

I went down a storm on the night, and had applause throughout, which can be a rare occurrence sometimes. Hopefully I'll be back soon, as it's just along the road

Saturday 29th July 2006 - North Lodge Caravan Park

This was a last minute gig, as I had not Saturday gig this week until I phoned Janey Kirk, my agent.  being ill for the better part of the year so far means I am more in need of gigs than ever.

It's been a while since i performed here, but the welcome I received was amazing.  Quite a few people remembered me, and were keen for me to start singing as soon as I arrived!

The night went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even had dancers!


Saturday 28th August 2005 - North Lodge Caravan Park, Kirkcaldy

I remember playing here around a year ago - I must have been heavily pregnant at the time.

It was quieter this time (last time there was a party on), but what a crowd! They were obviously there to enjoy themselves, and no mistake about it!

I forgot to ask his name, but there was one `senior` gentleman who was a boundless source of energy, grabbing assorted women and kids for a dance throughout the evening. What a character!

I was also lucky enough to witness the longest game of bingo ever, with one line taking 72 numbers! This was followed by four false calls in the last game.

I hope to be back here soon..