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Saturday 22nd May 2010 - Oakley Miners Club, Oakley

This review is a hard one for me to write, as I find it difficult to find something positive to say about this gig.  There were a few polite claps through the night, but a whole lot of silence.  I'm not sure what the crowd expect from an act, but I can only guess it isn't me.  What I do goes down really well in other venues, and I almost always have great comments and am invited back - sometimes before I leave the building!

At this venue, however, I find I have little or no feedback, and am more often than not ignored between songs.

Now I am not egotistical enough to think that a crowd come out especially to see me, and I certainly don't expect a rapturous round of applause after a song, but it can be difficult when you get no response whatsoever.  A few friends in the business are surprised by this, as they always have a good time at Oakley.  Well this is not an isolated incident for me here, so I don't think I'll be taking any more bookings for the moment.

Saturday 16th January 2010 - Oakley Miners Club

Well after looking back my reviews to find out that I was last here in 2005, I was amazed to find that absolutely NOTHING has changed about this club.  When we turned the corner into the car park it was like a blast from the past. The lounge was exactly the same, the carpet was the same and even the people were the same.  The Club was quite busy, with a party on in the big hall, and the bar area quite busy - nice to see this when so many clubs are struggling these days.  They must be doing something right!

Since it's been so long I thought that the crowd's reactions to my act might have changed, what with me being a bit more experienced and with more material to work with.  Erm.. no. I am sure I saw them singing along, and tapping their feet sitting in their seats, but a wee bit of applause would be nice just occasionally . A few people got up to dance for the third set, which included all the newer material I do - The Noisettes, Kings of Leon etc.

Helen, the committee member who paid me, was very pleased with my performance however, and said I'd be back soon.  I must also mention Dawn, the very nice singer I was talking to in the club.  Apparently Oakley Club is her local, so she very rarely sings there.  She reassured me that the crowd react in the same way for any and every act, so I felt a wee bit better.

Saturday 9th July 2005 - Oakley Miners Club

Out of 3 and a quarter hours I had 2 and a quarter of attentive listening with what I can only describe as pin dropping silence between songs. The last forty five minutes brought lots of dancing - still not much applause, but at least showing some attention.