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 Saturday 9th June 2007 - The Railway Club, Kirkcaldy

Where do I start?  This was definitely the hardest gig I've ever done. Each set was far too long.  I don't mind singing for a whole night but I would have been happier breaking the night up into smaller sets.  Singing 50 songs in a night is just too much for me.  The voice is a complex thing, involving the whole body - the vocal cords, diaphragm and lungs.  Even the best of singers has to rest now and then!  I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the night. 

Unfortunately I would say that a booking error was made as well. I don't think I am suited to venues like this.  I do mainly pop and rock, with a good portion of ballads, disco and show tunes. One particular portion of the crowd were complaining about the music being too loud (which Alan tells me was rubbish), but at the same time the same people were talking louder than me after it was turned down a bit. 

Could I suggest that if you have any complaints about my act, you have a word with the committee about the booking. I do not do foxtrots and waltz.

I was shocked at the attitude of a small minority of the crowd. It wasn't my fault that my act is not suited to the club here. You can blame the agent, the committee or whatever, but I gave a good selection of popular songs. I tried my damndest to please and was only kept going by a small number in the crowd who wanted to enjoy themselves and kept me going. As for the rest of the audience, I was very depressed at their lack of appreciation during the first section of the night.  I pulled out all the biggies - Hopelessly devoted, Crazy, Paper Moon, etc - but to complete silence at the end of each song.  That is very demoralising.

I make no apologies for my review, as this site is all about my opinion and experiences of the job.  Maybe this one sounds like a gripe.  So be it. The next review I write may be a great review! 

I must say a big HELLO to the few ladies left at the end of the night who were clearly enjoying themselves, and suggested that I may come back as a ticket only do on a Sunday!  


Unfortunately the feedback I have received about my time at and my reviews of this gig prevent me from returning.  I hope that anyone else visiting my site will have the sense to look through some other reviews, as this club seems to be the exception.

Due to those comments received, I have been forced to alter my review.

I am not being arrogant in any way, neither do I have a high horse.  I just tell it as I see it.