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Saturday 14th July 2010 - Shardy's, Lochgelly

This was my first go at putting the PA equipment up without Al to help me out - he was there but I had asked him to leave me to it.  So I was understandably a bit focussed on the set up and not nervous at all about the gig itself.  Not that I get nervous much at cabaret gigs these days - the tribute gigs are when I get butterflies in my stomach.

This was a good enough gig, not much happening other than the odd smattering of applause between songs.  Just your average Fife crowd out for a drink and a blether. These are the bread and butter gigs for a solo singer.

Saturday 11th February 2012 - Shardy's, Lochgelly

Looking back, it's been almost exactly six years since my last visit to Shardy's. Stepping through the door, it was like yesterday.

The owner warned me when I went in that the place would empty soon, and that it did.  There are another two venues over the road who put on entertainment, so Shardy's has a fight on its hands every week. 

I had a venue owner come along specifically to see me that night, which is nice.  She wanted to see me about booking my Adele tribute, but stayed to see what I do after realising that the tribute would be a bit more expensive than she first thought. She took some video footage and has been raving about me on Facebook.  Thanks Cate. 

Saturday 25th February 2006 - Shardys, Lochgelly

It was a relatively quiet night in Shardys, due to the fact that the Minto Bar had a local superstar on.  Having said that, I can't remember his name!  What am I like?!

Despite the lack of people, the `bijou` audience I had were very appreciative.  I had a surge of people (about three) come in in the middle of my new ABBA medley, and they immediately boogied on down.  That cheered me up.


Saturday 19th November 2005 - Shardies, Lochgelly

This pub is right across the road from the Minto Club, where I always go down well.  I'd been here once before, but there had been a couple of parties up the road that time.  This time the bar was relatively busy, and I was happy to notice that I now have a stage!  (Oh the glamour!).

My song selection went down well, and I even had some applause!