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Sunday 3rd August 2014 - Shell Bay Holiday Park, Elie

Shell Bay is always a delight to play, and I look forward to coming back each time I get a booking. 

Unfortunately I wasn't in full voice on the night, but decided to go for it anyway.  I seem to have gotten away with it (ssh don't tell them), and managed to get through the night with a bit of good song choice and a few changes to songs here and there to help myself outThe crowd, for the most part, were none the wiser until my last song of the night - Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  This song is easy enough when I'm in 100% full voice but not so easy when you've spent the night avoiding the high notes... it was a request though, so I couldn't really refuse. I made sure to explain why it wasn't 100% but I think the folk I'd sung the song for were shocked to hear that I had struggled.  It's amazing what you can do using mic technique and a bit of playing around with a song.

So, folk of Shell Bay, if you think that was good, wait til you hear me next time!

Friday, April 18th 2014 - Cabaret @ Shell Bay Caravan Park

A full house at Shell Bay is a good gig.  It’s a shoes off, dancing about gig. People danced, sang along and requested some of their favourite songs.

The only thing I can complain about (and it’s just a wee thing) is the stage lighting.  Please get some LED lights, Shell Bay!  I was a sweaty, greasy mess by the end of the night – glamorous eh? I was really dehydrated right through the night, and had to keep stopping to top up the water supply! 

Saturday 28th September 2013 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie

Shell bay was what we in fife would call "Stappit Foo"!!

I've never seen the place so busy!  There must have been around 200 people in the hall, and the atmosphere was great. 

I must admit to probably overdoing it on the night as I was just buzzing with the applause and reaction from the crowd.  I was dancing about, jumping about and even took my shoes off (which I've been doing quite a lot lately - I may make it my new "thing")

Tuesday 30th July 2013 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie

A midweek at Shell Bay is a hit or a miss for me - this was a quiet night, perhaps due to the great weather throughout the day, with everyone tired out or staying in their vans to enjoy the night air.

The crowd that were in the main hall were very appreciative, and friendly enough to have a wee bit of a banter, so I have no complaints there. I just wish it had been a bit busier, particularly after 11pm, when the bulk of the crowd left for their vans.

I took the opportunity to try out a few new songs too, so no complaints from me!

Friday 7th June 2013 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie

There are venues that restore your faith in both yourself and the general public. Sometimes in this job you can go for ages without so much as a tiny bit of applause, then a gig comes along that makes you realise your efforts are very much appreciated.  This was one such gig. 

I had a good mixture of people in for most of the night, some with kids going away at bedtime to be replaced by adults coming out of their caravans for a bit of entertainment after the beautiful summer sun faded away (how picturesque can you make something sound?).

After the bingo and flyer I had dreaded the place emptying, but I think my version of Adele's "Skyfall" that I had given them at the end of the first half had maybe tempted them to stay and see what else I could pull out of the proverbial hat. I had whistles and a huge round of applause for that one, after looking around at a sea of open mouthed people staring at me while I was singing!

My 80s set went down well, and I took the opportunity to polish off a few songs ready for the launch of my 80s tribute at the end of June 2013.

And of course I finished off with some Rock - I'm hoping to organise my first ROCK tribute night soon.

Saturday 23rd June 2012 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie

I was astounded to see that it had been so long since my last gig here at Shell Bay - now called Elie Holiday Park. 

The new manager, Kay, made me feel so welcome from the start, and the other staff were lovely. The place was quite busy when we arrive, and got busier as we got closer to bingo time.  I must admit to wondering if they would all go after the bingo and flyer, as is often the case, but no.  They stayed and we had a cracker of a night!  There were two birthdays in the room, both called Sandra (what are the odds!?) and Andy and Fiona, who are becoming a regular fan club, were celebrating their wedding anniversary.  Andy even had a wee suggestion sheet of songs to sing for the night - mostly songs I usually do for them, so that was good.

There was also a wee girl aged 8 - I think her name was Rachael (let me know if I got it wrong and I'll change it), who was running the race for life on the Sunday at Beveridge Park.  She raised over £100 that night, and everyone who donated got a wee bit of dumpling.  Mmm lovely.

I really enjoyed myself that night, and especially enjoyed doing my new dance version of "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele.  I was out of breath by the time I finished!  Must get

I hope to be back at Shell Bay again this year, maybe even for a midweek gig..

Friday 15th October 2010 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie, Fife

Another hit or miss venue, this caravan park is a popular place for the people of Fife to visit.  Having said that, the site was quite quiet on the night, as the schools had just broken off and people were maybe waiting til the Saturday to venture out. 

I now officially have a fan club at Shell Bay - a few (obviously intelligent, with excellent taste..) people who like a bit of rock.  As you know by now, classic rock is my favourite genre of music, followed only by 80s pop and soft rock.  Well they like it too, and were already putting in requests on my arrival! Remember to leave a comment on the site or email me if there's anything you'd like to hear.

I started off the night with a few Karen Carpenter hits, and a few oldie-but-goodies, as the audience looked like the sort of crowd who enjoyed that kind of music - and I was right.  For the second half I went on to do my more modern material, including Amy MacDonald, KT Tunstall and The Scissor Sisters. The third was - well you guessed it - rock!

This had to be one of the quickest nights I've ever done at Shell Bay, and I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who came along - but then where else were you gonna go??! lol


Friday 23rd April 2010 - Shell Bay Caravan Park, Elie

It was a hard night at Shell Bay.  The weather was rotten, and many people had cancelled bookings at the park due to the weather.  As a result, there weren't many punters to be seen.

We arrived during the bingo (I think I'll change my stage name to "Eyes Down" lol), and took the opportunity to bring in our equipment during the break.  Keith, the new Park Entertainment Manager, was very welcoming, and apologised for the poor turnout. 

I must, at this point, mention that the size of a crowd is neither here nor there - it's always about the quality - ie are they out to enjoy themselves?.  This crowd was undecided, and took the whole of the first set to get going.  But then they got into the swing of things, and started to sing and dance along.  I couldn't see a lot on the stage though, so I was unsure if they were enjoying my act.

Alan told me during the break that the crowd had been singing along (which was a relief), and I relaxed a bit.  We entertainers are an anxious lot, you know.

For my second half I pretty much said "Stuff it" and did all the material I enjoy - a bit of pop and a LOT of rock.  The crowd were very happy, and many of them came to tell me what a good night they'd had.  I must say a big Hi to the two guys who came to speak to me at the end - they were very appreciative, and we had a good laugh at a few of their stories.

Friday 29th July 2005 - Shell Bay Caravan Park

It can be difficult to figure out what to play at a caravan/holiday park.  The older ones want 60's and ballads, while the younger ones like 70's and pop/rock, but luckily there are always the toddlers and small kids who just want to jump about to something lively.  And how cute were they!?

 I had trouble getting the adults on the floor at this gig, but they seemed attentive and to be enjoying themselves.