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Friday 19th October - Stag Inn, Falkland

On first impressions this was going to be another quiet small pub gig, but then I've always hated first impressions.  I'm pretty sure people look at me before I sing and go "so what makes you special?", then I sing and they look at me differently. My first impression of this small country pub was wrong -  it was small, but by the start of my second of three 45 minute sets, it was packed out and I was having a good time entertaining, especially the group of young ones at the front.

I try to pick my tracks according to the crowds reaction/age/mood and on this occasion I must have been close to the mark because not only did a good amount of people stay and watch, but at the end of the night I was told, again by the younger members of the audience, that a lot of other acts just play "old stuff" but I'd "still played older stuff, but stuff they new". I'll take that as a compliment, as I'm always getting comments on the fact that my set contains tracks that people don't hear often, and enjoy.

I've noticed that it seems to be the younger ones (OMG, I'm calling people in their twenties the younger ones... I'm old) that seem to show their appreciation better - maybe that's why I tend to play tracks that will suit them better.

I enjoyed my first visit to this venue (I've been a few years ago as a customer to their restaurant... very nice). I hope that they ask for me again and that I get as good a crowd as the ones who came to this gig. I recommend this pub if you're in the area... I enjoyed myself.